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Cavalier-sur-Mer offers almost all kinds of marine entertainment. You can go canoeing, kayaking and snorkelling, sailing and windsurfing (with or without related lessons), water skiing, deep sea fishing and diving.

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Cavalier-sur-Mer in the south of France, suitable for families with adults or young children. What can you do there? Canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, scuba diving. What makes it special?

This is the Cote d'Azur without snobbery

Let's look at what we need for a family holiday on the Cote d'Azur. The sun and the beach are obviously with a stunning coastline and prominent inland areas. Bars and restaurants that are affordable. Much can be done for all ages - and the feeling of a slight touch of freedom ..

At the end of the Corniche des Maures, Cavalier-sur-Mer is very close and very different from Saint-Tropez. Resorts are under the same sun, sea and carefree , but the air of exclusivity of billionaires does not hang over the Cavalier. Normal people are made to feel welcome, not damn happy, because they can be allowed.

Of course, there is minimal quirkiness. If Cavalier (with a population of 7000 people) was once a fishing village, now it is mainly apartments built in the post-war period and modern streets. But palm trees, pines and the sea soften the effect , there is a fun pastime, the environment excites the soul - and an assessment of quirkiness, in any case, is a sign of age. Young people do not care about the old cities and chapels of the 14th century. They want activity - and the Cavalier has it.

A memorable vacation

Here is the plan. Firstly, to the main beach, a seductive three-mile stretch of sand, safety and a summer promise. The wild cape Cap Lardieu rises in the distance, Ile d'Or flickers away from the coast. A free shuttle bus runs from the city along the coast, separating the denser crowds - and your Mediterranean Sea. There are beach bars and volleyball, a library and as much bronze, bathing as you want.

Then you need to move. The cavalier offers almost all marine activities known to man. You can go canoeing, kayaking and snorkeling, go sailing and windsurfing (with or without relevant lessons), go water skiing, go deep sea fishing or catamaran and go diving. Especially immersion. This is the specialty of Cavalier-sur-Mer. “10 good wrecks are at hand,” a local said to me. The concept of a “good crash” is problematic, but apparently not for divers. In any case, diving equipment in the port will be open to all comers, including beginners, if they are over eight years old.

Bonporto beach is in close proximity to the city and is almost within walking distance. It is as creepy as you like - small, but beautifully surrounded by rocks and vegetation , and unknown to most visitors. Le Dattier beach is similar, but a little further. Adventure lovers might want to go the other way, right to the end of the main beach (a transfer will help) and further to Gigaro beach, which in itself is a tempting thing.

But it is also the beginning of an amazing coastal trail through the “best” of coastal landscapes: forest, thorny shrubs and grassy aromas, vines and rocks. This is not all easy (as in life, there are ups and the possibility of sudden falls), but there are enough rewards. After about 30-40 minutes, the beach of Brois is a bit of beauty, like the beaches of the Riviera, before they began to gather crowds of tourists. Inaccessible, except on foot, it is popular among naturists, which can be a plus or not (if you have growing sons).

A walk around Colllobrière and La Molles can be magnificent. After this, you need to catch a ferry to Ile d'Ora, because the islands are usually spectacular, and these are beautiful little pieces of the Riviera that have been chopped off and thrown into the sea. From the port of Cavalier, Vedettes Îles d'Or will take you to Port Cros or Porkerol, or both. I would go to Porkerol with my family: it’s bigger and livelier, you can rent bicycles , and the beaches are better.

If you insist, you can go to Saint-Tropez, which is crowded, overpriced and arrogant in high season. Moreover, this is a day subtracted from your vacation in Cavalier, where, let me remind you, people really are like you.

Ten minutes from Cavalier, the Domaine du Rayol gardens descending to the sea are some of the best on the Riviera. On 17 acres there are gardens from all regions of the world. This summer he will be full of land art exhibitions. The evening entertainment around the port (where bars and restaurants are intertwined) is intense, most of the summer evenings are held in the open air, and concerts are also held.

How to get there

The best airport is Toulon Hyères, served by Ryanair, Bus 7803 will take you from the airport to Cavalier.