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In recent years, Deauville has significantly increased the number of year-round cultural events in the form of horse racing, polo, golf, art galleries and upmarket shopping. The historic Presqu'île de la Touques neighborhood next to the marina is undergoing an exciting renovation. As for the magnificent wide sandy beach, strewn with multi-colored umbrellas in summer, equipped with a long sidewalk and changing cabins, it continues to delight tourists.

Our site presents the best yachts for rent in Deauville, with a detailed description of the technical characteristics and their capabilities. Also, the service has ease of navigation and will allow you to quickly pick up exactly the offer that suits you in terms of price and characteristics.

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Deauville was conceived as a place for the implementation of fashion trends of its time. The city appeared in the 1860s thanks to the wishes of Dr. Joseph Olliff and his close friend, half-brother of Emperor Napoleon III, Duke de Morny. In the late 1850s, impassable swamps lay here between the sea and the small hillside village above.

Dr. Olliff convinced wealthy patrons to invest in the city to drain the swamps and create a resort from scratch . The resort was designed by the architect Desle Francois Breni, inspired by Baron Osman for the reconstruction of Paris. Thanks to a very important, completely new railway line, the resort has flourished in just 4 years. Grand hotels in the Anglo-Norman style with a wooden frame, elegant bathrooms and stylish racecourses were intended here for wealthy Parisians .

Further innovations followed in the coming century. In the Belle Epoque era, before the outbreak of World War I, more luxurious hotels and a large casino appeared. During the Great War, large Deauville hotels were turned into hospitals for wounded Allied soldiers. Between the wars in Deauville, a new grandiose station was built, cult bathing facilities on galleys, and a wooden boardwalk was built.

After World War II, the resort’s international reputation grew even further. A large number of marinas near the mouth of the Tukes River added to the existing attractions, and the American Film Festival, which opened in 1975, began to attract stars and fans of the big screen every September.

In recent years, Deauville is said to have significantly increased the number of cultural events held year-round to accompany entertainment in the form of horse racing, polo, golf, art galleries and visits to prestigious shops. The historic Presqu'île de la Touques area near the marina is undergoing a spectacular renovation. As for the magnificent, wide sandy beach , covered with colorful umbrellas in the summer, equipped with a long sidewalk and changing cabins, it continues to delight tourists.

Yacht Charter in Deauville

Treat yourself to a luxurious canal adventure and charter a great sailing yacht at Deauville Marina . For 3 hours, a day or a weekend, try the pleasures on the high seas.

Let a large, elegant sailing yacht captivate you. Rely on the experience of a highly skilled skipper. Clear your mind and go to sea. Give yourself a voyage aboard our beautiful yachts.

Yacht rental is possible for a period of:

  • 1/2 day;
  • full day;
  • a week.

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