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Fréjus, located in Var, has a Mediterranean charm that can provide pleasant boat trips. In addition, Frejus is known for its well-preserved Roman culture, calanques, coves, large beaches and beautiful rocky landscapes along the coast (with the Esterel massif). The city still has an aqueduct and an amphitheater.

So that you can relax comfortably, 2yachts offers profitable options for yacht charter in Fréjus according to your requests and wishes. On a pleasure boat, you can leisurely explore the cozy harbors and relax on the beaches, as well as enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities.

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Frejus lies on the Mediterranean Sea, on the Cote d'Azur of the French Riviera. It combines a medieval city and a popular seaside resort where Julius Caesar founded a naval base around 50 BC. The city attracts many tourists with its history, cultural and artistic qualities, well-groomed beaches and the Mediterranean Sea. There are many interesting places in the area that can be reached from Frejus.

Frejus, located in Var, has a great Mediterranean charm with pleasant boat trips, Roman culture, shafts, coves, large beaches and beautiful rocky landscapes along the coast (with the Esterel massif). Located in the southeastern part of France, the city of Frejus is adjacent to the city of St. Raphael. The city still has an aqueduct and an amphitheater . In the center of the city is St. Leonz Cathedral, which is a pleasure to visit.

From Frejus, you can head towards St. Tropez, the Lerin Islands or Le Ile d'Or (Golden Islands) to spend a pleasant day of relaxation (it will take from 1 hour to 3 hours of navigation depending on your cruising speed and type rented yacht). If you prefer to stay near Frejus, around this area you can find small islands, sea otters and bays . You can also go to the island of Vieille, in the English Kalan, this place is a little further from tourists, and you will immerse yourself in a real Mediterranean atmosphere.

Have fun and eat well

Local cuisine is the result of a warm, dry Mediterranean climate. The main ingredients are olives and olive oil, garlic, sardines, sea bass, sea urchins, octopus, chickpeas and local fruits. The vast majority of wines produced in Provence are rosé. The most characteristic grape is Mourvedre, the most widely used in Bandola red wines. Cassis is the only area in Provence known for its white wines .

Frejus is definitely a place you cannot miss. With your own yacht harbor, it is convenient to find a yacht charter at any price. You can rent a luxury yacht or rent a boat in Frejus and enjoy your vacation in the Mediterranean.

To make your trip as convenient as possible, a skipper will help you, who will guide you through amazing sights and surroundings . You can also choose the equipment and placement of the vessel to your liking.

Boat rental in Frejus

However, a yacht is not the only option available. You can choose from a wide collection of ships and various types of pastimes. Port Frejus offers a variety of boat rental options - from speed boats, barges, to sailing boats and motor boats. You can even rent residential boats for a few days. This can provide an ideal time to recover from exhaustion at work. You can also choose a motor boat to get to Baomette Beach for water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and much more. You can rent boats to explore the streams and bays of the area at your leisure , and enjoy stunning views of the mountains of Massif de Esterel and its red cliffs.

Other rental options include longer trips to Cannes via a cruise, where you can spend time relaxing; complete with crew services and kitchen.