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The best time of the year to visit Anday is summer, late spring or early autumn. April, May or September and October are with great weather and sunny days. Enjoy a seaside resort in Hendaye with sailing yacht or catamaran rentals. Soaking up the hot sun and feeling the light breeze on your skin, you can admire the stunning city from the water.

Bayonne, Biarritz, Hondarriba, Ossegor and San Sebastian are just a short distance from this seaside border town for day boat excursions. You can rent a yacht in Hendaye on your own or with a captain and crew to ensure you have a luxury, worry-free holiday in this beautiful location.

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Located on the border of France and Spain, the city of Hendaye is a charming French city by the sea. Famous for its stunning views of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. It is separated by the Bidasoa River and the Pheasant Island, which is located in the city of Irun. This is an ideal place for travelers who are looking for a relaxing holiday and want to enjoy both the mountains and the sea.

The best time of the year to visit Andai is the summer seasons, late spring or early autumn. April, May or September and October will enjoy great weather and sunny days .

Enjoy your holidays at the coastal resort in Hendaye by renting a sailing yacht or catamaran. Basking under the hot sun and feeling the light breeze on your skin, You can enjoy the amazing city from the water . Bayonne, Biarritz, Hondarriba, Hossegor and San Sebastian are very close to this coastal border town for day trips by boat. You can rent a yacht on your own or on a charter with a captain and crew to ensure yourself a luxurious vacation without worries in Hendaye.

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But even if you don’t want to rent a boat in Hendaye, the marina is an ideal place for walking, watching the sunset, and you can also watch how the ships come in and out of the port. Here you can find cafes, shops, restaurants and entertainment, all within walking distance of the marina.

Another popular option in Hendaye is the rental of motor boats or motor yachts. High Speed Cruise on the Waves of the Mediterranean . You can stop and swim in the sparkling sea, dine on board, or anchor in nearby cities along the coast. You can rent equipment for water skiing or other water sports from us to take them with you on a trip. During the summer, there are small regattas in Hendaye, so if you would like to watch sailing competitions, visit the Andai website to find out the timetable.

What you need to know about holidays in Hendaye

Surfing is also popular in Hendaye, so if you always wanted to try riding a wave, you can take lessons from an experienced instructor who will help you learn the basics or rent a board and try to learn for yourself! Hendaye is a great place to study surfing, here the waves are not too big and there is a low level of health risk. There are many beautiful beaches to the north and south of Andai , and at the end of August this area is popular with surfers who are in search of waves and gentle sea winds.

Another interesting vacation option in Hendaye, where you can spend time on the water, is the rental of jet skis and flyboards. Satisfy your need for adrenaline and go on a trip with an experienced guide who will make sure your vacation is unforgettable.

For active travelers in Hendaye, a kayak ride or sapsurfing is ideal. Take a lesson or rent equipment and drive on your own while exploring the Andai coastline. This is a great way to spend your holidays and work out.

We wish you a great stay and do not forget the sun protection cream!