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Lattes is a very ancient city. Founded in the 6th century BC Estruscans, the Lattara fortress was a very active commercial harbor, very favorably located on the Mediterranean coast. This is the city's purpose that will develop over the centuries and will peak in the 15th century under the leadership of Jacques Coeur, treasurer of Charles VII.

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France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, with many attractions. Thanks to vibrant cities like Lattes and beautiful landscapes, the country is world famous for its cuisine, culture, history and fashion. Although France's main attraction is the cosmopolitan capital of Paris, famous for its beauty and romance, France offers many other attractions. When renting a French yacht, you can travel by boat through this large country from north to south. And you can from east to west, using the sea, ocean, canals and rivers of different sizes and picturesque beauty. Due to its climate, the ideal period for swimming in France is from March to October.

The choice of a place to rent a yacht depends on several factors : your sailing skills, experience, whether you prefer to relax and sunbathe on a yacht and go on relaxing day trips, or are you an adventure lover who prefers outdoor activities during the holidays and considers every day a great day for a new adventure!

Lattes is located in the Herault department of the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. The area code is 34129 (also known as the INSEE code) and the Lattes postcode is 34970.

The area of the city is 27.83 km ². The closest cities are Pyrrol (index 34470) at 4.28 km, Villeneuve-le-Maguellone (34750) at 4.98 km, Palavas-les-Flots (34250) at 5.06 km, Montpellier (34080) at 5.07 km, Saint Street Jean-de-Vedas (34430) at 6.16 km, Castelnau-le-Lès (34170) at 7.29 km, Laverun (34880) at 8.07 km and Yuvignac (34990) at 8, 38 km.

The population in Lattes was 13,760 in 1999, 16,824 in 2006 and 16,635 in 2007. The population density of Latte is 597.74 people per km². The number of residential buildings in Latte in 2007 was 7,583.

History of Lattes

Lattes is a very ancient city. Established in the 6th century BC estruscans, the Lattara fortress was a very active commercial harbor, very favorably located on the Mediterranean coast. This is the destination of the city, which will develop over the centuries and reach its peak in the 15th century under the leadership of Jacques Coeur, Treasurer of Charles VII. The archaeological site of Lattara-Henri Prades Museum traces the ancient history of the area.

The museum, run by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, offers permanent and temporary exhibitions , as well as other entertainments.

Not far from here flows the river Lez. Cycling paths along the Les Montpellier to Palavas-le-Flo are popular.

Observation platforms and a picnic area allow you to discover the fauna and flora of the Medzhin: white storks, pink flamingos, ducks, herons, horses, fauna of reed beds.

On the way to the Maison de la nature sites and the Mejan Port Ariane Nature Reserve, a Lattes marina with a capacity of 100 boats was built in the 90s , with a port captain's office, several cafes and entertainment venues.

Other attractions worth visiting in Lattes include a nature reserve (nature house), the salt lake Mezhan, the banks of the Lez river, as well as the port of Arian, a marina, restaurants and terraces.

Yacht Charter in Lattes

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