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Le Havre is the second largest port in France, located in the Normandy region and occupying half of the mouth of the Seine. Those who would like to get acquainted with the real Le Havre should look at the building of the City Hall, it is also the City Hall with a length of more than 100 meters, over which a 17-storey tower rises, surrounded by covered avenues of climbing plants, flower beds and many fountains.

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Yacht charter can be whatever you want. A navigation trip or a relaxing cruise, you can choose a sailing boat, a motor boat, a catamaran, a luxury yacht ... You name the parameters and an interesting yacht is chosen for you. If you want to book a rental with a skipper or without a boat, 18 feet or 50 feet, in France or in Fiji, we will find the perfect boat to make your sailing vacation unforgettable!

What is a yacht charter?

Yacht charter is a unique way to explore some of the most magical corners of the Earth. Discover the pristine coastlines and hidden coves aboard the ship of your choice: whether sailing or motorboat, there is something for you. Chartering with professionals will ensure maximum safety and experience on board your yacht. All our yachts can be provided with a professional skipper so that he can take care of navigation, maneuvers and safety on board. Many sailing clubs and associations offer trainings and lessons for different abilities to help you become familiar with navigation so that you can begin your sailing adventure as soon as possible!

Not a sailor? Not a problem!

We offer yacht rental both without crew and with crew, therefore, if you are not an experienced yachtsman, you should not worry, you can hire a professional skipper who will do the hard work for you! In addition, if you want to go on a cruise without renting an entire yacht, you can simply rent a cabin with a bathroom for 2 people on board a spacious catamaran or gulet. Complete with skipper and hostess, and often with full board, this option allows you to enjoy all the wonders of sailing without stress and know-how!

Where and when to sail ...

In summer, the Mediterranean is indisputably the world's favorite sailing world; with popular yacht routes in the Greek and Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily and, of course, in the elevated waters of Croatia; where more than 20% of the rental is concentrated! In winter, sailors tend to disperse in tropical regions such as the Caribbean, Southeast Asia or islands in the Pacific or Indian Ocean, Polynesia or Seychelles. Some year-round destinations include the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and Brazil, so whether you want to sail close or far from home, there are plenty of incredible places to choose from!

Le haver

Le Havre is the second largest port in France, located in the Normandy region and occupying half the mouth of the Seine River. The French city of Le Havre (Normandy region) is not the most picturesque and calm place in the province, but it is not such a soulless sprawling settlement, fraught with endless dangers.

Those who would like to get acquainted with the real Le Havre need to look at the building of the Hotel de Ville designed by architect Perret, it is also a city hall more than 100 meters long, above which a 17-storey tower rises, surrounded by covered alleys of climbing plants , flower beds and many fountains. This is a very attractive, lively high-tech place, where a variety of recreational activities are often held.

Another bright creation of Perret is the Church of St. Joseph (Eglise Saint-Joseph). In terms of the church church has the shape of a cross. However, this is not a traditional elongated cross - all four ends of a given cross of the same length. The altar is located strictly in the center, and directly above it rises a 100-meter bell tower.

The most daring of the latest architectural projects of Le Havre is the Le Volcan Havre Cultural Center, designed by a Brazilian architect, after whom the surrounding area was called Oscar Niemeyer Square. It is an asymmetric, smooth white cone that rises somewhat above the nearby buildings.

The entrance is hidden under a white passage a little further in the open square. Next to Oscar Niemeyer Square is the center of Bassin du Commerce. To get acquainted with this territory, you can hire a yacht or motor ship . If you have the desire and opportunity, then visit one of the floating clubs and restaurants where you can have a good time.

Right at the entrance to the harbor is the modern Malraux Museum, which occupies a leading position among the best art galleries in France. Here, natural light is used to illuminate the creations of French artists of the 19th-20th centuries. The main masterpieces of the museum are more than two hundred canvases of Eugene Boudin, including landscapes of the Norman coast , with views of Trouville, Honfleur and Etretat, as well as a whole collection of miniatures depicting cows. In addition, the beautiful works of Raoul Dufy, who turned Le Havre into a shining city, regardless of the weather, are presented here.

Rent at your price!

In terms of budgets, renting a yacht with friends and family should be as expensive as you wish. Average prices range from 500-1000 euros per person per week, but this can vary greatly depending on the boat, date and destination! If you rent outside the peak season (July-August), you can save money and just book a boat and tickets in advance to take advantage of early booking discounts. Yacht lessors offer a competitive alternative for your next vacation, as you don’t have to pay for hotels or restaurants., and you can explore a variety of coastlines and islands. With equipment for activities such as scuba diving, often included in the price, and efficient cooking equipment on board, renting a yacht to make your next vacation unforgettable will be an easy task!

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