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Loktudi has a marina that can accommodate up to 50 yachts. Tourists who come here by yacht will be able to access a wide range of services and admire the old Kerazan estate, which is famous for its beautiful architecture. All in all, it is a great place where everyone has the opportunity to experience a unique experience of relaxing romantic days.

If you are looking for the perfect seaside vacation, yacht charter in Loktudi is the perfect solution, especially for those looking to unwind amidst enchanting landscapes and hospitality.

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Yacht Charter in Loctudy

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About Loctudy

In this village of the same name, the Loktuda marina is located, which can accommodate up to 50 boats. Tourists who come here by boat will be able to access a wide range of services and admire the ancient Kerazan manor, which is famous for its beautiful architecture and heritage. Tourists have the opportunity to experience unique moments here, relaxing romantic evenings and relaxing days . Those who want to stay here for a few days can stay at La Porte des Glenan or at La Domaine du Dourdy. Restaurants such as Ty du, Le Suroit, and Bistro Toque can offer guests fresh, delicious dishes, including fish, sea fruits, vegetables, and local recipes.

We strongly recommend that you check the weather in Loktudi before your trip.

Loctudy is located in Brittany. Brittany is one of the 27 regions of France, located in the northwestern part of the country and known as the cultural region. It consists of 5 districts: Finistere, Cotes-d'Armor, Ille-et-Villaine, Loire-Atlantique and Morbihan. The whole region is surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which gives more beauty to the natural aspect of the area, where high cliffs, impressive mountains, rich cultural and historical heritage and bohemian villages are gathered in one place.

The simplicity and complexity of this region makes it special, and tourists who visit these lands will experience the joy that the beauty of these places brings to people. From an architectural point of view, Brittany is extremely complex, representing one of the regions where the medieval buildings were very well preserved. The combination of architectural styles here is breathtaking , and those who are passionate about history, buildings and culture will nourish their thirst for knowledge with such unique works of art. In addition, the medieval walls are extremely impressive and they offer authentic air. Saint-Malo, Rennes, Brest, Vannes, Quimper and Dinan are the most important cities and communes in Brittany and they boast impressive marinas.where a large number of tourists are present every year. Saint-Malo, one of these wonderful places, is known for its pirate crafts in the past and has become a port city-fortress, which is known throughout the world.

Lucky tourists who decide to visit Saint-Malo can enjoy many activities, relax in the thermal waters, visit many museums and exhibitions, such as the Musee du Chateu, enjoy the coast or take excursions on a yacht , train or car. The nightlife here is also charming. On these lands you can visit such prominent places as Les Remparts de Saint-Malo, la Cite d'Aleth, Le Demeure de Corsaire, Saint Vincent-Catdral, the estate of Jacques Cartier, Fort du Petit Be, the National Fort and many others.

Rennes is another exquisite place in Brittany, where a short trip is never enough. This city is considered the capital of the region, and here you can visit many important attractions , thanks to historical events that occurred in the past and had a great impact on the life of Brittany. The historical center of the city is divided into several areas that are of great historical importance for the city, such as Brittany and the city hall square, Lys square and the Cathedral, Saint Anne district square, Tabor park and the center of the southern city.

French Riviera Cruise is a great option for a glamorous Mediterranean vacation . You can go to Nice, the largest city in the region, and spend a couple of days exploring the Old Town with its Italian flavor, colorful buildings and narrow streets. Stop at Court Saleya to find some conditions for your trip before setting sail for the famous Riviera.

Feel like a movie star in Cannes and take a stroll along the famous Corniche or take a detour to the Lerins Islands off the coast. The island of Ile Margarita is the largest on the archipelago - you can visit the fortress, where a mysterious man with an iron mask was captured or walking along the shady paths of the island, surrounded by the sound of cicadas.

Other famous cities of the Riviera are Antibes, Saint-Raphael and Saint-Tropez. For something more unusual, head to the Porkerol Islands, near Toulon.

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