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There are four beaches just 15 minutes from Martigues, as well as many quirky harbors and family resorts to visit on excursions. It has delectable Mediterranean cuisine, breathtaking coastal landscapes and an excellent museum with works by famous artists who took up residence in Martigues.

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Martigues, a coastal town on Cote Blue in Provence, was a haven for artists in the 19th century. Martigues was called the Venice of Provence because it captivates with its clear light and canals. You can decide for yourself if the description is fair, but you will definitely fall in love with the small canals, houses and bridges around the island of Brescona in the city center. Because there is delicious Mediterranean cuisine, breathtaking coastal landscapes and an excellent museum with works by famous artists who settled in Martigues. And for several days in the sun you will enjoy the unspoilt sandy beach and the old fishing port.

The promenade of Brescon is decorated with many postcards of Martigues. This place was immortalized by artists such as Felix Ziem, Andre Derain, Raoul Dufy and Camille Corot, because it has captured hearts for hundreds of years .

Saint Sebastian, Bauseng and Galliffet are the canals that make up the most beautiful part of the city. They surround Ile Brescon and thanks to them Martigue received the nickname: Venice of Provence.

Your trip along the embankments will be very memorable because the backdrop is created by yachts, painted houses, bridges and restaurant terraces.

You can also use the free shuttle boat from the jetty in Jonquiere, because it can take you to Ferriere in 13 minutes.

City identity

You will have four stops along the way and you can take a picture of the whole city.

The church at the end of the Canal of Saint-Sebastian on Ile Brescon was built in the Italian Baroque style and is protected as a “historical monument” . The work was completed in 1680, and inside there are some interior items dating back to the earliest years.

The amazing chair of walnut in 1694 is one of them, and you should carefully examine the frescoes of the chapel painted by the French artist of Catalan origin Michel Serre in the same year.

Serre worked in Marseille and was chosen by King Louis XIV as the official artist of the French galleys.

Only 15 minutes from Martigues there are four beaches , as well as many unusual harbors and family resorts that can be visited on excursions.

The Berre lagoon has a territory of 131 hectares, where tourists and residents of Martigues can actively relax. These are small plains and valleys dotted with shrubs and pine forests for hiking, horseback riding, jogging and mountain biking.

There are municipal greenhouses and a botanical trail with 50 species of plants.

This is a small wonderland for young people because there is a tourist train, creative playgrounds on trees , an educational farm with 300 animals and pony rides offered by the equestrian center.

Martigues Museum of Fine Arts is located in the city’s former customs barracks.

Come to the Town Hall to learn about Martig’s rich history. On the ground floor there is a mini-museum - this is 500 square meters of exhibits from different times of the city’s development.

There are interactive displays, models, many artifacts and photographs, with descriptions.

Perhaps the most interesting part is about the 1800s, when Martyg became fashionable with artists such as Tsiyom.

Unforgettable holidays

Cape Saint Croix is surrounded by Verdon Beach. It is suitable for adults, but it is better if you have teenagers and children with you. It is at the base of the bay, which cuts several hundred meters inland, and this helps to prevent sea currents and winds.

The beach is controlled all summer, and there are many amenities such as bars and restaurants, volleyball courts and places where you can rent a pedalo and go on a small cruise on the bay .

Up the winding paths through the Mediterranean forest - is the Chapel of Notre Dame de Marin, which has been a pilgrimage site for the inhabitants of Martigues since the 1600s.

Dedicated to Our Lady of the Sailors, this is the place where sailors come to pray and leave vows before embarking on a journey. The chapel is quite charming . But your main goal to climb here is the view that opens up to your gaze. The lagoon of Berre, Martigues with its canals, and the Estake mountain range extend in front of you. Carro is a beautiful old fishing port located on Cote Blue.

All beaches on Cote Blue are protected from the elements.

But in places like Cap-Curon, you feel the power of the wind that has hit the coast . This is music for windsurfers who catch the wind. In these places, waves can reach a height of several meters.

But those multiple bays that crash into the shore are made for rowing outdoors and scuba diving in clear waters. It will take you no more than 15 minutes to get to this family-run seaside resort - Kerry-le-Rouet with a chic marina.

The main diving center in the region is located at the marina.: The yacht will take you to underwater odysseys to any corner of Côte Bleu where wildlife is protected by a marine reserve . If you rent a yacht for a vacation, you will get many advantages, because with a yacht your vacation will be more intense.

How to get there: To Marseille 37km. Train, bus, taxi.