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Nantes is known as a rich, vibrant and innovative city. In terms of economic strength, Nantes is considered the third largest industrial city and the second most successful city in terms of employment growth in France.

Rent a yacht in Nantes and sail across the breathtaking scenery of the French waterways. Discover the beauty of France and its countryside. Here you can go sightseeing or stop at any time to relax while enjoying fine French wines and delicious food.

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Nantes is a city in Western France, located at the mouth of the Loire River. After restoration, Nantes has become one of the most dynamic and culturally progressive cities in France, full of innovations. Artists, engineers and students live here, and the medieval and maritime past lies at the heart of its ever-changing shape.

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Luxury ... the word that characterizes the west coast of France. Yacht Charter here not only gives you a taste of the luxurious lifestyle, but also gives you a sense of the charm of the countryside, where lavender fields, olive groves and medieval architecture show off a different, more authentic side of the area. Charter a yacht and embark on a journey through the waters with breathtaking landscapes of the French waterways. Discover the beauty of France and its countryside from the country's canals and romantic rivers. Here you can explore the sights or stay at any time to relax, enjoy fine French wines and delicious food. Choose from 9 French yachting spots with unique landscapes, gastronomy, culture and charm and explore them at your own pace aboard the yacht.

Located on the west coast of France, the Bay of Biscay is very popular among yacht charter lovers who want to visit major cities in the region such as Bordeaux, Nantes, Brest and La Rochelle. Sail further north up the French coast towards the English Channel to explore Normandy and the cities of Cherbourg, Caen, Le Havre and Rouen.

Cited regularly in newspapers as one of France’s most beautiful cities, Nantes is also known as a rich, vibrant and innovative city . Its economic influence makes Nantes France the third largest industrial city and the second most successful city in terms of employment growth.

Nantes provides a wonderful balance between historical heritage and innovation, lifestyle, economics and culture. Nantes is inherently hospitable, creative and future-oriented.

Significantly modified in accordance with the city renewal plan adopted in 1920, Nantes was further modified and expanded after partial destruction during World War II. In the 1960s, Nantes was named one of eight provincial counterweights to reduce the dominance of Paris in French national life. It has become a dynamic regional center with a diversified economic structure. Traditional industries such as food processing, engineering, and component manufacturing for the aircraft industry remain important, but there has been recent growth in areas such as biotechnology. The large science park, established in 1987, was designed to stimulate this activity. Nantes alsoIt is a large business center and location base for many regional headquarters of both industrial and service firms. A number of public and private sector offices have moved from Paris here.

The original university (founded in 1460) was abolished during the French Revolution, but the new one was founded in 1961. Tourism was stimulated by the reconstruction of part of the former docks and the construction of specialized conference rooms.

Although St. Pierre Cathedral was built between the 15th and 20th centuries, it retains Gothic unity. The impressive facade (1434–1508) has three subtly sculpted doorways and two tall towers . The cathedral, blown up during World War II, was almost completely rebuilt in 1972, when a fire severely destroyed the roof. The magnificent tomb of the Renaissance Francis II, Duke of Brittany (reigned in 1458–88), fortunately, did not suffer. The medieval castle was restored in 1466 by the same Francis II. Seen from the side, it looks like a fort with battlements, but the courtyard is a typical Renaissance palace. The Museum of Fine Arts has one of the most important and diverse collections of paintings in France.

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