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A yacht vacation in the Nevers area will take you on a journey along the beautiful waterways of the Canal de Briard, the Latvian Canal on the Loire and the magnificent Canal du Nivernais. You will be enchanted by life on the waterways as you sail along the tranquil hills and forests.

Our experts will be happy to help you arrange a yacht charter in Nevers, so that your vacation is memorable and enjoyable, without the hassle of finding the right yacht.

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Nevers - a city in the department of Nievre (region Burgundy-Franche-Comté, central France) is located southeast of Paris. Located on the high right bank of the Loire River at its confluence with the Nievre River, this is a typical old provincial city that was modernized after the creation of new industrial enterprises in the immediate vicinity.

Yacht Charter in Nevers

At the end of the Roman era, this place was known as Nevirnum, a name believed to be an abbreviation of its earlier Roman name Noviodunum Aeduorum. In the Middle Ages, he several times passed from the hands of the powerful families of Europe . In the 16th century, it was acquired by the Gonzago family from Mantua, which brought ceramics to Nevers. The Cathedral of Saint-Cyr-i-Saint-Juliet, built between the 11th and 16th centuries, was rebuilt after it was seriously damaged by bombing during World War II. The former palace of the Dukes of Nevers now houses courthouses. The chapel of the monastery of Saint-Gildard contains the body of St. Bernadette Subirou, the seer Lourdes, who lived in Nevers from 1860 to 1879.

Nevers is, first of all, the commercial and administrative center in which the small satellite university is located. It is also a tourist center where you can visit Magny-Cours car racing , held south of the city. Nevers has a long industrial tradition (including the production of ceramics); later manufacturing operations are related to rubber, plastics, electronics and components for the automotive industry. The population was 40,007 in 1999; 34,485 - in 2014

Ideal region for yachting

Wine tasting

Take a tour of the Chablis wine region in Nivern or the famous Sancerre vineyards in the Loire! Special viticulture features include the Tannei vineyards, the Domaine Bernaert cellars in Accola and the Maison des Sancerre, which provide a complete breakdown of 300 vineyards in the area.

The Niveerne and Loire region is famous for its ancient cathedral cities and medieval villages . Look at the Saint Etienne Cathedral in Sansa and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Paray-le-Monial! The Château du Pont Chevron gardens in Usuer-sur-Treuse are also very beautiful.

At Nivernais & Loire you will find unspoilt countryside rich in wildlife. Multi-colored flowers grow in great diversity along the banks. More than 180 species of birds live near the water. Among them are gray herons, kingfishers, wagtails and kites. Nevers is a paradise for bird watchers .

Bicycle riding

Cycling tours are great almost everywhere in Nyvern and Loire. The Voie Verte bike path on the Canal du Niverne runs 180 kilometers (112 miles).


Gourmet restaurants can be found throughout Nivernais & Loire, the mecca of local gastronomy. La Madeleine, the 1-star Michelin restaurant in Sens, offers blackcurrant foie gras. At Joigny you will find La Côte St. Jacques (2 stars from Michelin) with magnificent views of the Yonne River.

A yacht holiday in the Nevers area allows you to take a trip along the beautiful waterways of the Canal de Briard, the Latvian Canal along the Loire and the magnificent Canal du Nivern. You will be fascinated by life on the waterways when you swim peacefully between charming villages, hills and forests.

Just two or two and a half hours drive from Paris (depending on which base you choose), you can be sure that everyone will find something for themselves on a yacht vacation , including:

  • wine tasting and tours of world famous vineyards;
  • gourmet cuisine made with famous local products;
  • local crafts (pottery, enamel, porcelain);
  • clean beaches along the Loire River;
  • visiting the sights of Nevers - a city filled with art and history;
  • remarkable historical sites such as the medieval countryside of Gidelon;
  • Stunning flora and fauna accompanying the waterways of the Nevers area.