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Nice beaches are pebbly, the nearest stretch of sandy coast is in Villefranche (20 minutes drive from the city). Tranquil beaches with scenic views are located on the west coast and are equipped with toilets, changing cabins, parasols and sun loungers.

Clients of 2yachts have yacht charter in Nice - there are offers for any budget, for a period of 1 day or more. Nice has a very well-developed infrastructure for yachting, there are all conditions for those who like to relax on the water. To visit this beautiful city and ride a yacht is the dream of almost every lover of sea adventures.

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Nice annually attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, thanks to the developed infrastructure, all the amenities for visitors are provided here. They come to Nice to relax surrounded by beautiful landscapes, numerous attractions and developed service.

Yacht Charter in Nice

2yachts customers can rent yachts in Nice - offers are available for any budget for a period of 1 day or more. Nice has a very well-developed infrastructure for yachting - there are all conditions for lovers of water recreation. Not far from Nice are Monte Carlo, St. Tropez, San Remo and other famous resorts. Visiting this beautiful city and renting a yacht in Nice is the dream of almost every yachting enthusiast. Nice was founded in the 5th century BC, and today it is the largest city of the French Riviera.

Nice is an ancient port city on the Ligurian Sea, the capital of the French Riviera, the most popular resort with many museums (the city takes the second place in the country after Paris in terms of their number), other attractions and a large number of summer events. Nice is located on the shores of the Bay of Angels, in the Provence region. The landscape in the area of the city is hilly, the climate is warm, Mediterranean. The city is located just 30 km from the Italian border, Italian speech can be heard everywhere, and Italian is even taught in local schools.

The city has many parks, the most amazing is the Phoenix Park , where you can find many types of plants, there are a greenhouse, gardens and fountains. You can see the ruins of ancient buildings in the Chateau Park on Castle Hill; you should also visit the Albert I Garden.

The resort's museums will appeal to art lovers. The church of Saint Joan of Arc makes a strong impression on its architecture and interior. The Matisse Museum is very popular, it is worth visiting the Museum of Fine Arts with exhibitions of works by Monet and Renoir, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. In Nice there is even a museum dedicated to the Russian painter Marc Chagall.

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In the Old Town you will see buildings of different eras of construction - palaces, churches, an ancient fort, towers and chic villas. One of the outstanding sights is the Old Senate of the 17th century, built of red brick. The Renoir House Museum retained the atmosphere and atmosphere in which Pierre-Auguste Renoir lived and worked and contains the works of the famous French painter. In the medieval area there are many intricate streets with old houses painted in warm colors (ocher or red), galleries and entertainment venues. Numerous churches are examples of Baroque architecture, wide and straight streets date back to the 19th century and reflect the influence of Turin urbanism. Tourists from Russia will be interested in visiting the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas, examples of the Catholic Church are the Cathedral of Saint Reparata of the 17th century, Notre Dame Cathedral of the 19th century, the Franciscan monastery of Notre Dame de Symies of the 17th century. Valroz Castle, built at the expense of the Russian state adviser Pavel Grigoryevich von Derviz under the leadership of the Russian architect David Grimm, is located on a high hill and is surrounded by a park. This architectural monument impresses with luxurious interior decoration, room decoration, frescoes and stucco molding. At all,

The busiest area of the city is Masson Square, where shopping centers and shops are concentrated, there are always many tourists and local residents. The famous Promenade des Anglais is the main promenade of Nice with a wonderful view of the Bay of Angels, stretching along the city beach.

Nice beaches are pebble, the nearest stretch of sandy coast is in Villefranche (20 minutes drive from the city). Calm beaches with picturesque views are located on the west coast, they are equipped with toilets, changing cabins, umbrellas and sun loungers.

In Nice, you can try the traditional Nicoise salad of anchovies, fish, vegetables, etc., Bouillabaisse fish soup, Ratatouille vegetarian vegetable stew, Pieds et paquets of lamb meat and a cake with cream Mille feuille. Fans of seafood cuisine should definitely look into the port of Nice, where many luxury yachts are concentrated and you can meet fishermen.

For shopping, frankly speaking, Nice is not suitable, since prices on the Cote d'Azur by status cannot be low. However, 2 times a year large-scale sales take place in the city, a large number of antique and souvenir shops work here. The main trading establishments of the city are located on Jean Madsen Avenue - there are a huge number of stores designed for middle-income customers. You should head for the fresh food from the Old Town, onto Kur Saleya Street, and for shopping outside the city, the Cap3000 Mall is suitable.

When you rent a yacht in Nice on the famous coast of the French Riviera, you will get acquainted with the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Old Town, stroll along the green promenades, visit the picturesque beaches and get acquainted with the national dishes of Provence cuisine. We recommend that you rent a yacht in Nice with a skipper so that you do not experience difficulties in managing the vessel and are safe accompanied by an experienced captain. Visit Nice, a warm Mediterranean resort with 325 sunny days a year!