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Porto Vecchio has a special location in Corsica, between the sea and the mountains, which makes it one of the most popular destinations on the island. The beaches around Porto Vecchio are stunning, including the world famous Palombaggia and Santa Gilia. They all have pearly white sand and sparkling turquoise seas surrounded by lush countryside.

With a yacht charter in Porto-Vecchio, you can visit the best places in the region, and it is also very convenient to start your trip to the Mediterranean from here. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable voyage, and our experts will help you rent the right yacht for this.

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Located in the department of Cors du Sud on the beautiful island of Corsica, Porto Vecchio is an idyllic and charming Mediterranean port. This is a popular destination for superyachts that can anchor at the city harbor. Located 25 miles north of Bonifacio on the southeast coast of Corsica is Porto Vecchio. Many people flock to excellent beaches south of the city, such as Favone, Tarko, Pinerello and Cala Rossa, to name just a few.

Holidays in Porto Vecchio will definitely be wonderful!

Palombaja Beach is one of the most popular places to visit on a rented yacht. It faces the Zerbikal Islands and is a nature reserve in an idyllic location, with its orange cliffs and parasol-pines with views of the beach, clear water, shops and houses. Spend the day in paradise, take a trip to the natural fountains in the Cavu Valley, which is located near the city of Rosso Taglio. Look at the transparent fountain with its natural pools and snow-white cliffs.

Characterized by paradise beaches - such as Palombaja or Santa Giulia, which are part of the Bonifacio Strait nature reserve - and a magnificent inland region, this city boasts a rich cultural heritage full of life.

For those who prefer to walk around the city, Porto Vecchio is charming with its narrow streets. Many of the houses here are no higher than 10 meters, some houses were built during the reign of the Roman Empire. Enjoy coffee outdoors in Republic Square or on Kursk Napoleon.

In Porto Vecchio, the climate is warm and temperate. There is much more rainfall in winter than in summer, with August being the driest month with 27 ° C (80 ° F) temperature and 11 hours of sunlight. Late spring and early autumn are amazing times to travel to the area.

Why should I charter a yacht in Porto Vecchio?

If you want to relax on your luxury rented yacht and go inland, or visit the mountains of Alta Rocca having deep gorges, rivers and amazing waterfalls. Here you can go on a mountain walk, swim in the stone pools, have a picnic, ride horses or go climbing. Why not visit a traditional Corsican village for lunch before returning to Porto Vecchio and then back to your own yacht? In addition, far from the coast, there is a forest and Lake Ospedale, take a walk among granite boulders and pines or go to the Col de Bavella, which offers breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Porto Vecchio has a very special location in Corsica, between the sea and the mountains, making it one of the most popular places on the island. The beaches around Porto Vecchio are simply amazing, among them the world famous Palombaja and Santa Gilia. Everyone has pearl white sand and a sparkling turquoise sea surrounded by lush countryside. Renting a yacht without a crew or a yacht with a crew in Porto Vecchio is an ideal place for sailing in the Mediterranean , to sail in the direction of Bonifacio, the islands of Lavezzi and Sardinia.

Anchorage near the coast will give you a lot of opportunities to engage in various water sports : water skiing in Palombaja, scuba diving in Santa Julia and kayaking. If you like scuba diving, Bonifacio is what you need.

Take a voyage to the medieval citadel and harbor in Bonifacio, located in the southern part of Corsica, just half an hour from Porto Vecchio. Enjoy spectacular scenery and ocean views while cruising to Bonifacio. Bonifacio is full of boats of all sizes, types and classifications.