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Royan is the name of a commune in the west of France, the coast of which is decorated with 4 sandy bays, 5 beaches, a small harbor and a river port. Royan is located on the Atlantic coast, with the islands of Ré, Oleron and d'Aix nearby.

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Royan, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a great place to rent a boat. You can rent a small motor boat, sailing boat, houseboat or yacht. Watch beautiful landscapes and have a good time with friends or family. Royan, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the perfect place to rent a yacht for a variety of occasions, from birthday parties and stag parties to family vacations.

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Chartered s yacht

Day yachts

They range from low-powered to high-speed motor yachts. Daytime yachts require you to return the boat by 18:00. Ideal for a fun day trip to the Cannes Islands, exploring the beautiful bays of Cap d'Antibes or fishing. If you need a yacht without a skipper, you will need a large deposit and certification, and affordable yachts rarely exceed 40 feet. The following types of yachts are usually charter for a week , although there are exceptions.

Super-yachts (motor or sailing) .

These are, as a rule, yachts with a large crew of more than 24 m in length, which can accommodate 10-12 guests in an atmosphere of absolute luxury. Spacious cabins and on-board entertainment systems, a jacuzzi and water activities await you.

Monohull Sailing Yachts (with or without crew) .

These yachts offer wonderful sailing and adventure experiences to explore the coast and its beautiful bays. Although these yachts are not as spacious as others, they are ideal for those who like to sail and those who want to learn.

Catamarans (without crew or with crew)

More spacious, very stable, great for families with large cabins and deck space. Not as good as sailing as single hulls, and can move slightly in the wind, but better in shallow bays, as draft is less than on single hulls. Generally the best choice for inexperienced sailors. Children (and adults) will love to stretch above the water on the net in front of the yacht.

Yacht Rental Luxury France

Renowned for its historical glamor, France has a long history among superyachts that gather every summer to ride along the many beaches and have fun in their iconic bars. The French Riviera, commonly known as the Cote d'Azur , is especially known for attracting the world's finest luxury yachts due to its brilliant coastline and a number of rental options.

Due to the fact that the bays of Nice and Antibes form the central access points in the south of France, guests immediately leave for the world of unsurpassed beauty when they head to this Mediterranean point. Listed below are some popular superyacht destinations that you can use when planning your private yacht charter in France .

Yacht Charter South France

The summer refuge among JetSet lovers in the south of France has long been a place to be seen in the hottest summer months. From the timeless romance of Saint-Tropez to the many flawless beaches along the coast of the French Riviera, this is truly the most elite playground in the Mediterranean . It is also possible to capture the charm of movie stars of the region by attending the Cannes Film Festival closer to the beginning of summer each year.

Yacht Charter in Franz ouz Riviera

Without a doubt, the most important destination worth seeing in the summer, the French Riviera owes its outstanding reputation for its assortment of outstanding vineyards, world-class cuisine and exquisite nightlife. From the coast of Théoule-sur-Mer in southeastern France to the border with Italy, there is sure to be a place that can satisfy any guest of a rented yacht .

Yachting in Saint- Tropez

Saint-Tropez is another iconic place for super yacht rentals that can be found in France - a name that embodies the glamor of the Mediterranean. The village is surrounded by cobblestone streets and populated by exclusive restaurants. It is surrounded by beautiful golden beaches that are open for postcards and which you can sunbathe on. Combining holiday opportunities with tranquil places, guests can have fun and relax in silence.

Kanns ki nd yachting

Cannes, founded during the golden age of yachting, exudes classic charm and regularly attracts many A-list names throughout the summer. Gathering many superyachts in the summer, thanks to the Cannes Film Festival and a number of stunning beaches along the coast, the city is populated by numerous boutiques and famous restaurants so that guests have a lot to see and do.

Royan - the so-called commune in the west of the country, the coast of which is decorated with 4 sandy bays, 5 beaches, a small harbor and a river port. Royan is located on the Atlantic coast, nearby are the islands of Re, Oleron and d'Ex.

Planning a luxury yacht charter in France

Whether you want to soak up the sun in Saint-Tropez, or explore the pristine beauty of the island of Corsica or just take a walk along the cobbled streets of Antibes, you are sure to find a route that will satisfy your desires. As a classic Mediterranean time for yachts , summer is the best time to visit, and June, July and August are considered peak months on the calendar. Of course, there is always the opportunity to set off a little earlier or later to enjoy France in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Costs £ rahtovanie yacht

The cost of a rented yacht is only a small part of the total cost of your vacation, and the cheaper the yacht, the more often problems arise.

You must definitely choose a rented yacht according to your budget. However, do not rent too cheaply, because, in the end, the price difference can be a security difference that can ruin your vacation at sea.