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Saint-Ca-le-Guildo is a place where you will find many activities both on and off the beach. One of the most popular activities in the area is clam picking, and you can take tours that will bring you safely at high tide to get mussels, shells and oysters, all ending with a delicious tasting.

To ensure you have a comfortable rest, 2yachts offers profitable options for yacht charter in Saint-Ca-le-Guildo according to your requests and wishes. On a pleasure boat, you can leisurely explore the cozy harbors and relax on the beaches, as well as enjoy fishing, snorkeling and other types of entertainment.

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Located in the heart of Côte d'Armor (Brittany), Saint-Cast-le-Guildo Marina has 850 podium seats and 180 buoy seats, and a 55-seat visitor area. It is worth staying on the Emerald Coast, this allows you to discover a pleasant resort with many delights.

Yacht Charter in Saint-Cast-le-Guildo

Saint-Cast-le-Guildo was one of those places that we accidentally stumbled upon, and then wondered how we had never heard of this before. We visited him on our last day during our French road trip with Les Castels, and I have not done enough research on this part of our trip. We have already seen and done so much that I thought that we all just want to relax at the campsite ..

Saint-Cast-les-Gildos is a charming and pretty little English Channel , located west of Saint-Malo. The sand is soft and white, the beaches are almost empty, the sea is calm and the sun is shining. It is an ideal place for families.

Beach and

One of the main attractions of Saint-Cast-le-Guildo is its beautiful beaches. There are long stretches of golden sand and quiet little bays. The main beach of the district is a 2 km long section of excellence! To the left of the beach is a beautiful coastal trail that leads along the coast. Here you will find yacht rental and sailing on this beach for those who prefer to spend the day actively on the beach!

There are six other great beaches to choose from, including Pen Guen Beach, with its welcoming fine sand beach and magnificent views of the Ebichen Islands, and La Foss Beach, not far from the clam farm in Fresne Bay. You can take a mollusk collection tour, kayaking or a beach holiday , or better yet, just relax and enjoy your vacation.

What to do

Saint-Cast-le-Gildo is a place where you will find a lot of entertainment both on the beach and beyond. One of the most popular activities in the area is the collection of shellfish, and you can visit tours where you can safely be taken to the tide to get mussels, shells and oysters, and all this will end with a delicious tasting.

Around Saint-Cast-le-Guildo there are many opportunities for walking. I would recommend you take your first walk around the city, preferably with ice cream in your hands, as you inspect all the magnificent villas and architecture. The resort is a popular stop for hiking along the GR 34 coastal trail , parts of which are easily accessible to visitors to Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, offering stunning views of the Emerald Coast and places with rich heritage, including chapels and windmills.

Activities such as horse riding, fishing, tennis and golf can also be enjoyed. If you need culture, you should visit the Chateau du Guildo, the stunning ruins of the castle, located 20 minutes southeast of Saint-Cast-le-Guildo.

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There are several delicious dishes that you can try on the coast of Brittany, and, as you would expect, seafood comes first on the list. Another feature of the area is queen-amann, a sweet and crispy cake, which in recent years was presented at the Great British Competition!

To eat, there are many restaurants located along Duponcelle Boulevard, and one of the best on this street is Le Truc Bidule, which offers local products and offers delicious meat dishes . If you need seafood, head to La Mariniere on Mer Boulevard, where you can choose from a variety of fresh fish and shellfish dishes - oysters are especially good!

Sailing Area: Brittany

Yacht charter in Brittany offers a wide selection of cruises on the coast and to the islands, which are just a few miles from the coast. You have a choice between northern Brittany and southern. Brittany offers many attractions and immerses you in the contemplation of cultural and natural heritage.

In the northern part of Brittany you will discover a wild and beautifully protected coastline. A few miles off the coast, head to the Channel Islands: Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Sark, and the thousands of small islands that they included. If you want to spend a long weekend, Saint-Malo is the perfect starting point.

The Seven Islands Archipelago is a bird paradise that is especially impressive from the boat. Take some time to watch the movements of rare bird species in one of the largest bird sanctuaries in France.

Visit the ports, symbols of Breton architecture and traditions: Roscoff, Saint-Quay Portrio, Tregastel, Saint-Cast, Saint-Malo, Paympol and many others. The emerald coast from the bay of Saint-Brieuc to Mont Saint-Michel is characterized by pink granite. Consider your speed under strong currents in the region and tides. This affects your entry to ports such as Saint-Malo and Paympol.

South Brittany, cruise from island to island.

Departing from Concarneau, Benode or Saint-Marin, go to the Glenans archipelago, known for its tropical lagoons. You will almost believe that you are in the Caribbean with the white beaches and turquoise waters that you will find on this cruise. This region is also known as the training ground for the French fleet.

Stop at Belle Ильle, in the port of Versailles overlooking the Vauban Citadel or in the small and very authentic port of Sauson with its colorful houses characteristic of the island.

Visit Trinité-sur-Mer, the capital of sailing, after stopping on the island of Huat if you are coming from Belle-Ile. In addition, why not visit the beautiful island of Hoedic, a true paradise of the world . After Quiberon Bay, go discover the Gulf of Morbihan and all its small islands and ports of Breton: Arz Island, Ile aux Moines, Arradon, Baden, Le Bono, Lokmariaker, Port Navalo and others.

The team of our company knows this region well and can give you advice that will help you prepare for the cruise.