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Many tourists consider the seaside town of Villeneuve-Loubet one of the most cozy towns on the coast. This ancient city enchants with cobbled streets, the church of St. Mark, an old laundry, amazing sea views, friendly townspeople and a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

If you are looking for the perfect seaside vacation, yacht charter in Villeneuve-Loubet is the perfect solution, especially for those looking to relax amidst enchanting landscapes and hospitality.

There are no boats matching your search

There are no boats matching your search. Please modify your requirements to find available boats or contact us if you have a specific charter project.

Regardless of whether you need 25 compartments for a manager, 500 compartments for a sales recognition program, or 2,500 rooms for a global agreement, an event on a private rented boat is a unique and memorable event that your visitors will not be able to organize on their own. And since you use an exclusive vessel when renting your cruise ship, you have the opportunity to customize the entire cruise life, while guaranteeing complete confidentiality and security.

Here are the most popular boat rental types for Villeneuve-Loubet:

Boat rental for meetings, conferences or conventions

A chartered boat is an ideal venue for corporate or global meetings that require exclusive use of the entire conference / meeting space. Examples include private yacht charter for the retreat of the executive committee, a franchise agreement for dealers on a resort-type cruise ship, or a government meeting at the destination where additional bedrooms and a shared functional space are required. (Example: The Fifth Summit of the Americas used the “floating hotels” pier in Trinidad.)

Boat rental for travel incentive programs

Nothing in the world can be compared with being part of an elite group on a ship specially tuned for you! This unique experience is the highest award for hard work that will continue to motivate even after the end of the cruise.

Cruise ships

When you need additional housing in the port city and there is simply no other way to provide it, using cruise liners as “floating hotels” is a creative solution. At Landry & Kling, our specialty is re-equipping a cruise ship into a “floating hotel” on the pier. We have chartered cruise liners and yachts of any size around the world for citywide conferences, international conferences, global sporting events - even disaster relief efforts.

Those math cruises on the theme of "Proximity" or "Music"

A private hired craft is the best way to gather like-minded people for a special event, fundraising, or close cruise. Be it a cruise for music lovers, food and wine lovers or craft lovers, the ship gives everyone a unique opportunity to chat with their favorite artists or meet others who have common interests. (Examples: musical themes of all kinds, lifestyle cruises, religious cruises)

Boat rental to launch production or film production

There is nothing more exciting than launching a new product at sea - and when you rent a ship, you can use the entire public space to make it a unique showcase for your product. (Example: A luxury car manufacturer introduced a new model on board a ship, moving it from one port city to another in the Mediterranean.)

Rental cruise liners for promotions

An autonomous cruise liner is a great place to meet your regular customers and showcase your products. Only with your group on board, all experience can be customized to promote your brand, linking with promotions or draws in the store, focusing on the interests of your customers. (Example: A major beer brand has ordered vessels for annual musical cruises.)

Cruise ship rental for corporate anniversaries

A corporate anniversary is an important occasion, and a good way to celebrate milestones of any kind and say thank you to those who have contributed to your success is to book your own ship. (Examples: toy companies, modeling agencies, technology companies)

Villeneuve Loubet - Marina Beux de Anges

The first thing you will notice when approaching Marina Baie des Anges is the height of the surrounding area and the attractive design of the surrounding residential buildings in the shape of a pyramid. They were built in the 1960s to fill the gap in places for recreation, and at that time were considered very avant-garde. Today, these iconic buildings are listed on the architectural list and play a role in services and stores that border Marina Baie des Anges.

Hotel Marina Baie des Anges is ideally located between Antibes and Nice and has 570 marinas. In the immediate vicinity of the port there is parking for cars, showers, toilets, paid Wi-Fi and a small shipyard for repairing yachts. The surrounding yacht apartment complex has restaurants, bars, a newsstand, a small supermarket, bike and scooter rentals, a seasonal Le Lagon pool and Thalassoleil spa.

Marina Baie des Anges is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from Villeneuve-Loubet Train Station, a 5-minute drive from Cagnes-sur-Mer Racecourse and a 15-minute drive from Nice Cote d'Azur Airport (off season).

For shopping, you will find a wide variety of retail outlets, including the large Géant Casino supermarket, bio-organic food store, home improvement stores, and clothing stores on Route Nationale (RN7) and Route du Bord de Mer.

The beaches on both sides of the Baie des Anges marina in the direction of Antibes and Cagnes-sur-Mer are pebble beaches (except for the Plage des Bouches du Loup, closest to Cagnes-sur-Mer, this is pebble out of season; in summer it is covered with sand). Beach parking in Villeneuve-Loubet is paid only during the peak months of July and August.

The beaches serve the summer influx of visitors with their sports facilities, including a beach volleyball court, seasonal beach clubs with rental umbrellas and water sports, as well as rental of water bikes and kayaks . And bike paths run along the main coastal road to Antibes and Cagnes-sur-Mer.

It is worth noting that the village of Villeneuve Loubet itself is located inland on the banks of the Lu River. Attractions in and around the village include forest walks, various family adventure parks (Forest Canyon, Pichun Forest, Le Village des Fous and Le Bois des Lutins), fortress tours, Escoffier de l'Art Culinaire Museum with exhibitions dedicated to the French chef Auguste Escoffier and the Museum of History and Art with collections of memorabilia of the French army.

Yacht Charter

Who does not dream to rent their own private yacht ? For groups sailing from 3 to 7 nights, there are all types of yachts - from classic and mega-yachts to expedition ships and sailing yachts. They are ideal for iconic events, incentive trips, executive meetings, corporate events, and customer recognition cruises. To find your perfect yacht, please use the capabilities of our site.