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Empuriabrava is a luxurious town located on the Costa Brava, a region that boasts medieval villages, beaches and a historical heritage of global importance. There are several award-winning beaches here such as Playa de Empuriabrava and Rubina Beach.

If you are looking for the perfect seaside vacation, yacht charter in Empuriabrava is the perfect solution, especially for those looking to relax amidst enchanting landscapes and hospitality.

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Empuriabrava, 4 km from the city of Castello de Empuris, is a very popular resort. A specially built tourist resort with many beautiful houses and apartments, around many kilometers of canal-like waterways, next to the best sandy beaches on the Iberian Peninsula. Empuriabrava is an important tourist destination in northern Catalonia, with one of the largest marinas in the world. The city has about 25 kilometers for sailboats.

Empuriabrava has many attractions, including skydiving, trekking to the water park, sea diving in one of the many fish reserves, boat trips with a glass bottom, boat charter, fishing, go-karting, visiting a butterfly park or bird sanctuary and of course golf. On both sides of the resort there is territory on which there are free paths for walking, running and cycling. Empuriabrava has the largest waterway system in Europe; many homes have backyard moorings that lead to the Mediterranean Sea. You can rent a small boat and explore the canals for an hour or two.

There are two long sandy beaches that are not too crowded and have water sports, beach bars, showers and other amenities. The climate in the area is pleasant, sunny and warm during spring, summer and autumn; winter is mild with light rain.

Relax in luxurious surroundings

Empuriabrava is a luxurious city located on the Costa Brava, a region that boasts medieval villages, beaches and historical heritage of world significance. It is an interesting city with sailing canals resembling Venice. The history of the modern and luxurious area began in 1968 with a group of people who saw the possibility of development in a swampy area. They fulfilled their dream of building luxurious, comfortable houses throughout the city with boats in front of each house, and restored the local factory. Empuriabrava receives approximately 80,000 visitors each summer. They rent their dream holiday home on the water. When renting a boat, you can explore 25 kilometers of canals on an area of 500 hectares and move around the city. It is almost as if the sidewalk has been replaced by canals!

Empuriabrava Marina is another ideal tourist destination. There are several award-winning beaches such as Playa de Empuriabrava and Rubin Beach. Camino Natural de la Muga is a 40 km long trail along the La Muga River, you can ride a bicycle. The route starts on Empuriabrava Beach and leads you through a variety of landscapes.

Cycling is one of the best ways to get to know the environment here; you can rent a mountain bike for the whole day.

Next to the Basilica of Santa Maria de Castello there is a medieval bridge called Pont Well . In the 14th century, it was originally called Ponta Nova. The bridge played an important role in the history of the region, as it significantly improved the accessibility of the district. Empuriabrava is a wonderful city with a lot of luxury, but visit other interesting cities in the area, holiday homes in Girona and be surprised.

Empuriabrava is located in a privileged coastal area, where bathing conditions are very favorable. The city has a coastline with almost seven kilometers of beaches. It is part of the Natural Park of Aiguamols de L'Emporda. Take the beach of Empuriabrava as an example, next to the marina and a few steps from several waterways that cross Empuriabrava, as if it were Venice in Spain. This is not only the main beach, but also the most extensive and interesting. Playa de Empuriabrava beach has a length of 1.5 km and a width of 90 meters and covers the territory that runs from the end of the Muga River (south) to city gate from where Playa Rubin begins. This beach is our favorite, it is connected with the quality of the sea and sand, which is a sufficient argument for visiting. Upon arrival at Empuriabrava Beach, you will find all the safety and comfort you can expect from a popular beach, including lifeguard, soft sand and clear water. This is definitely a family beach , due to its proximity to Empuriabrava. Many families living in the city prefer to spend their free time here. You can stroll along the beach from one end to the other, not only to keep fit and burn calories in the afternoon, but also to fill your soul with stunning views of the Cap de Creus and the spectacular dune landscape in Empordà Natural Park.

Fascinating beaches

La Rubina Beach, located in Empordà Nature Park, between Empuriabrava and Santa Margarita, is classified as a wild beach. Thanks to its distance from neighboring buildings, La Rubina preserves its naturalness and allows visitors to enjoy the unspoiled virgin beauty. It is also the only beach in the area where a number of activities that are prohibited on other beaches, such as walking with dogs, are allowed.

Playa de la Rubina is also quite extensive, its length is 1.8 kilometers, along which you will find many attractions and entertainment. Empuriabrava Municipal Sailing School is located on the south side of the beach, so if you wish, visit a few lessons on board! In the northern part of Playa de la Rubina, you can enjoy the natural beauty. There is a small ecosystem of dunes belonging to Empord Nature Park. These dunes are protected by law because they are a natural element that guarantees the quality of the beach and the entire area. Playa de la Rubina is open to swimmers and those who want to enjoy its beauty. It offers all the services typical of the best beaches: lifeguards, beach bars and public showers, sun lounger rental.

Playa Can Comes is another beach we're going to see. The Playa Can Comes Hotel is far from city centers. It is hidden among nature and is not visited by many people, since access to it is not as easy as on previous beaches. But if you stay in a holiday home in Empuriabrava near this beach, you will wake up updated every day, getting close contact with nature. Playa Can Comes is located in Empordà Natural Park, between the two rivers Muga and Fluvia. Almost 4 kilometers of beach guarantee enough space for a quiet beach day without a lot of people.

This is a beach where there are no buildings around, it is part of a national park full of wildlife. On these golden sands you will not find any stones, because in this place there are often large waves. Many windsurfers prefer to come here to practice their marine skills. Since this is a pristine and secure beach, you will not find any amenities here. Be prepared to bring your own trash bag and leave everything spotless when you leave.

How to get there

The airfield in Girona is approximately 40 minutes away.