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Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol region, which is known as Europe's sunny and beach paradise. Therefore, you will have no problem finding the best beach nearby, among which is the Blue Flag La Misericordia, a delightful sandy bay, wide and long, washed by moderate waves; and Los Alamos - just as beautiful, but slightly more developed, with residential complexes.

With a yacht charter in Porto-Vecchio, you can visit the best places in the region, and it is also very convenient to start your sailing trip from here. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable voyage, and our experts will help you rent the right yacht for this.

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Malaga, known to many as the capital of the Costa del Sol, is more than a seaside town. You can learn about the Islamic past of Spain in the majestic palace of the fortress of Alcazaba, while Pablo Picasso was born here, so there are museums that shed light on his early years. And during the famous city festivals you can also get acquainted with Andalusian culture, watch flamenco shows and drink sherry in the part of the country where they take place. And if you need to be reminded, the world-famous beaches, resorts and golf courses of the Costa del Sol are unlikely to be closer.

With powerful walls visible from almost anywhere in the city, Malaga Alcazaba is a Moorish fortress palace and a valuable monument of the Islamic era of the 8th century. The Arabs' gates were built from old Roman columns. Beyond the second walls is the palace and magnificent dwellings, which are scattered in three courtyards.

Directly down the slope, outside the outer walls of the Alcazaba is the best ancient monument of the city - the Theater. Today is in pretty good condition. Several tiers of seats remain intact, and the newly opened visitor center displays some finds.

City Cathedral is a kind of mix of Renaissance and Baroque styles . A majestic attraction is the fortress. Unlike Alcazaba, it has a more military purpose, with observation towers and ramparts that still stand today, competing with pine trees on a hillside. When it's hot, this esplanade is like diving into the forest, and you will be surprised how cool it can be even in summer. The wide, lush branches of tall palm trees provide ample shadow over the three main paths. In front of the City Council building is a beautiful rose garden.

Malaga - the birthplace of Pablo Picasso , so no trip can be complete if you do not give credit to this artist. Head to his birthplace in the Plaza de la Merced.

Beautiful beaches

However, the Costa del Sol is Europe’s sunny and beach paradise, so you won’t have a problem finding the best beach nearby. Those who know get into the car and drive to Torremolinos, a 20-minute drive away. La Misericordia, marked with the Blue Flag, is a delightful sandy bay, wide and long, washed by moderate waves. Los Alamos is equally beautiful, but slightly more developed, with residential complexes at the back and beach concerts in the summer.

If you want to try a completely local dish, you won’t go wrong with espeto (fried sardine) at the local chiringuito (beach bar). The classic way to do this is to dig a hole in the sand and start a fire, and then fry the sardines over the coals.

Long, thick reeds are commonly used for sardine skewers . In Malaga, there is even a statue of espetero cooking sardines.

After all, you are on the Costa del Sol, which means you can barely walk a few kilometers without tripping over a first-class golf course . 10 kilometers along the coast from the city is Parador de Málaga, an 18-hole course that welcomes players of all levels.

How to get there

There is an airport in Malaga, from there take the C1 train. Duration 13 min. The distance is 8 km.