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Santa Pola - several miles of beautiful beaches to relax. For example, Playa Varadero is a very popular and quiet beach 400 m long and 30 m wide, which can be quite crowded in summer. The sand is rather dark, but clean and fine-grained.

If you are looking for the perfect seaside vacation, yacht charter in Santa Pola is the perfect solution, especially for those looking to unwind amidst enchanting landscapes and hospitality.

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Just a few kilometers north, to Alicante, Cape Santa Pola cape rises in the Mediterranean Sea. Here you will find a more quiet bathing area of Santa Pola, which is located in a nature reserve. The weather in this region is mild year-round, and the sea is especially clear, so many beaches have been marked with the Blue Flag as a quality mark.

Wonderful beaches

Up to 143 meters, the coast rises to the very top from the Sierra de Santa Pola - therefore not very high, but with impressive cliffs in a fairly flat coastal zone. Before that, there are several miles of beautiful beaches where you can relax.

Gran Playa in Santa Pola - This beach is about 1 km long with fine dark sand and is well connected and therefore probably the most urban of all beaches in Santa Pola. In the evening, locals stroll along the promenade or sit in beach bars. Already in the 19th century, a small piece of the coast gained popularity , as wealthy tourists discovered the region as a popular destination and soon built the first beach villas. You can play beach volleyball, and to the left of the harbor there is a great place for surfing if you are standing with your nose to the sea. If the sea does not produce high waves, then you can also do standing rowing. This area is often visited by windsurfers who use for a year to surf under the warm Spanish sun . At the local rental you can get the necessary equipment as a vacationer. Near Playa, sightseeing boats depart for Isla de Tabarca, about 3 nautical miles. The beach also has wheelchair access.

Playa Varadero is a very popular and quiet beach with a length of 400 m and a width of 30 m, which in the summer can be quite crowded. The sand is rather dark, but clean and fine-grained. Swim here at the highest level. Parking is available along the promenade, but you must arrive early in high season to get a seat.

Calas Santiago de Bernabeu - A beach with a length of about 900 m was named after the president of the Spanish football club Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu, who lived in a holiday home opposite the bay. Since the seabed is initially rocky, sand was poured in 1990, so today it is a great place to swim . In summer, young people come in the evening and play beach volleyball or beach soccer here, when the sun goes down a bit and you can walk barefoot in the sand. As a typical city beach, many services are offered here. Near Cala III (harbor No. 3), access to the open sea was separated from the bathing area, so that here you could launch boats and surfboards . Along separate bays you will find sun loungers with umbrellas, beach bars, emergency services, first aid and public toilets.

Calas de Santa Pola del EsteSanta Santa Pola del Este, as the Spanish name implies, is located in the east of Santa Pola and is a residential complex of beach villas that arose in the early 1960s between the foothills of the Sierra de Santa -Floor and the sea. The beach extends for a total of 1270 m and forms several separate bays. This is a city beach where there is a decent promenade and several small chiringito. You can stroll along the promenade for 2 km to the center of Santa Pola. Of course, it's faster with a bike that you can rent in Santa Pola. The clean beach is protected by stones from strong waves. The beach offers beautiful views of Tabarka, a sea rocky island in the sea.

Amazing places to stay

Playa Mare de Déu is the most remote beach in Santa Pola, which is best reached by the promenade. It is quieter than on city beaches and almost a bit in the countryside. With a length of 830 m and a mixture of stones and dark sand, the beach makes a wild impression , although it is still in the city. The sea can beat a little stormy on the shore, because the cape protrudes far, and the coast is more exposed to waves.

Playa Lisa - This beach is located in the middle of the bay south of the marina harbor along Gran Playa. It is very quiet here, and the beach is very wide and long, so bathers have enough space. Windsurfers have a club that provides equipment and courses for children. There are many ways for wheelchair users and showers. Along the beach there is a small restaurant with cafes, bars and restaurants such as the Wok Buffet, where you can enjoy convenient self-catering and prepare your own meal at the wok. The beach is suitable for families and small children, because the bay is very shallow, and the water is warm and clean. It smoothly goes into the sea from the beach, so that there is no danger during swimming.

Boat trip to Isla de Tabarca. From Santa Pola, the island of Tabarca can be reached in a few minutes by boat. But you can also comfortably sail on a catamaran or motors , depending on wind conditions or on a fast boat from Aquabus. There is also a water taxi service available to residents 24 hours a day.