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Most of Torrevieja is a natural park with two huge salt lagoons. To the south is the Laguna de Torrevieja, which is pink, where salt continues to be mined. Many people come to swim in these waters on the resort side of the lagoon; just remember to bring water to wash off the salt! Further afield is the Laguna de la Mata, behind the La Mata beach, and this is where you can look into the center of interpretation.

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The Costa Blanca resort in Torrevieja is a dream if you love the sun, sea and sand. Five beaches of Torrevieja: from the lovely city bays, buzzing from summer activity, to the wide open beaches where you can retire even in July. The resort is attached to the coast by two salt lagoons, which are protected by natural parks. Torrevieja also has excellent infrastructure, so you won’t think what to do and children will never be left behind: there are water parks and water sports centers, restaurants and bars.

If you think that the ideal beach is a wide and spacious strip of pale sand washed by the waves, then La Mata Beach is for you.

This is a beach surrounded by a promenade 2.3 km long with about 14 beach bars. Heading north, you will find that the beach is getting quieter . And on the northern border is a 14th-century watchtower that served as part of a series of defenses when coastal Spain was vulnerable to pirate attacks.

Unforgettable nature

Most of Torrevieja is a nature park with two huge salt lagoons. In the south of the Laguna de Torrevieja, which has a pink hue, where they continue to extract salt. Many people come to swim in these waters on the resort side of the lagoon; just remember to bring water to flush the salt! Further down is Laguna de la Mata, behind La Mata beach, and it is here that you can look at the center of interpretation. You will get an idea of how this landscape was shaped by people with species of wading birds, which live here.

Playa del Cura - this bay right on the resort's promenade has a more urban feel than La Mata and is full of life in the summer. This is a gentle bend of fine sand washed by the waves, because the beach is protected from the open sea by two long breakwaters. These shallow waves make El Cura safer for young children. At the back is the updated Avenida de los Marineros, a grand esplanade planted with palm trees with restaurants and ice cream shops.

For those who come to Torrevieja with young children, the compact Flamingo Waterpark is an interesting way to spend a hot day. It is not very large, with only four slides, but very well equipped. Parents can choose a sun lounger in the shade and keep a close eye on their children. There is an adult pool for swimming. The restaurant serves fast food, although many families have a picnic.

For a full view of Torrevieja from the sea, you can take a walk along one of the long breakwaters. This round trip from the coast at the port to the lighthouse at the end of Dique de Levante is about two miles. There has not always been a road. That all changed in 2000, when the pedestrian path was opened, and the path became a popular way to exercise at any time of the year. Take your camera with you and you will get fantastic pictures of the resort and its port a mile from the sea.

Exciting vacation

For only 2 euros you can board two historic ships in the harbor. The most exciting of these two is the Daphne-class submarine built in France. Built in 1973 and decommissioned in 2003, when it became the first ship in the history of the Spanish Navy. This submarine could remain under water for 30 days and cover 4,500 miles without refueling. You look at communications equipment and torpedo compartments.

On another pier is the Albatross III patrol boat . Which for three decades was in the service of the coast guard and Spanish customs.

The name Torrevieja in Spanish translates as "The Old Tower", and this refers to one of the late medieval watchtowers that were installed along the coast and were long before the city appeared.

The "Old Tower" disappeared, but the stones were used at the end of the 18th century to build this neoclassical church. The best time to look here is at Christmas, when a large and very detailed Belen (nativity scene) is displayed on the square in front of the building. In Spain, there are many scenic paths that follow abandoned railroad tracks. This is a seven-kilometer route that was part of the line, it was built with the advent of the local mining industry, but was closed in the 1970s. Now it is a convenient walking and cycling route past the east coast. You will depart from the Old Train Station to the small town of Los Montesinos. Leaving the resort, you will see a widescreen view of the lagoon. The resort has ample green spaces, with many parks. In the summer they are fantastic in the mornings and evenings, the air is a little fresher.

Also in the harbor of Torrevieja there are several cruise companies offering excellent trips to the sea. You can go on a short excursion along the local coastline for about half an hour. If you want a longer walk, then you can go to Tabarka Island. You will go ashore for a walk along the old settlement of the island, where on the cobbled streets there is a small group of traditional houses. For many centuries, it has been a powerful springboard for the Barbary pirates who inflicted damage on the coast of Spain.