Yachting in Mauritius
Denis Korablev
  • 15.01.2021
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Yachting in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small island state in the Indian Ocean, located 2 thousand km east of the African continent. The country includes the islands of Mauritius, Kargados-Carajos, Rodrigues and none of the smaller islands. The city of Port Louis, the capital and largest city of the state, is located on the island of Mauritius. Recently, thanks to the work of Caudan Development, the city waterfront has undergone significant changes, and once heavily polluted, the local harbor has turned into a lively complex with yacht marinas, shopping centers, restaurants and other tourist infrastructure.

As noted by experienced yachtsmen 2yachts, Mauritius has all the conditions for diving, surfing, snorkeling, as well as fishing. At the same time, you can appreciate all the opportunities for diving and fishing only by going to the best places of the archipelago , accessible only by water. Today Mauritius is a great alternative to the usual yachtsman's ear to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

The region should definitely appeal to lovers of romantic adventures, seekers of natural beauty, amazing representatives of flora and fauna, as well as azure ocean waters - true fans of yachting. The natural sights of Mauritius surprise visitors with their grace and sophistication, because it is not for nothing that fans of outdoor weddings, lovers of swimming in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and fans of water entertainment strive here.

Among the local attractions are also worth highlighting:

  • sugarcane plantations (export of which is one of the main sources of replenishment of the local budget);
  • banana groves;
  • wild bamboo thickets;
  • the Maharaja's Palace immersed in tropical greenery;
  • Botanical Gardens in the vicinity of Port Louis and numerous protected areas.

The ocean water looks emerald from a distance, but upon closer inspection it turns out that it is not perfectly transparent and allows you to clearly see schools of colorful tropical fish, as well as larger inhabitants of the deep sea, such as sailfish, barracuda and tuna. The big advantage is that almost any hotel can organize deep-sea fishing here - for this you only have to pay for the rental of a fast boat. One of the most valuable trophies is considered to be a large inhabitant of warm sea waters - blue marlin. Note that in order to form unique reserves, various species of plants and animals from all over the world were brought to the islands.

Yachting in Mauritius is the best solution for relaxation and getting a lot of new impressions, memories and gorgeous photos.


Before visiting the islands, you need to carefully study the climatic conditions formed in this region. Mauritius is located in the tropics and has a monsoon-type climate with high levels of humidity throughout the season. In winter, from May to November, the average temperature does not rise above +32 degrees Celsius, and in summer the thermometer does not drop below +10 degrees Celsius. The recommended period to visit these incredible islands is during the autumn months, when the weather is relatively dry.

The yachting season in Mauritius is not interrupted throughout the year, but it must be borne in mind that storms are frequent here in winter and March. And despite the fact that the islands are far from the main storm zone, the weather can deteriorate for a week or more, excluding the possibility of going to sea on a yacht.


Despite the considerable distance from the African and Asian continents, the locals have managed to sufficiently develop the tourism sector. Today Mauritius is one of the most popular holiday destinations among tourists from Europe who prefer leisurely beach holidays and yachting. There are not so many opportunities for extreme recreation here, and the rest on a yacht can be called impeccable, this is facilitated by the attractive blue lagoons and the natural protection of the harbors from high waves. Large marinas are located in Maeburg and Port Louis, as well as in Grand Bay.

The largest flow of tourists is received by the island of Mauritius, and it is from here that tourist guides recommend starting to explore the islands. To observe the most majestic coral "rainforests", visit Tamarin Bay, and in the western part of the island is the Albion Reef - heading there with scuba diving, you can watch the local nocturnal marine predators - lobsters. Also of interest are the remains of sunken ships located near the coast.

Traveling on a yacht along the coast of Mauritius, you get a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the ocean depths and natural parks of this equatorial region. From aboard the yacht you can watch whales and killer whales, found off the southern coast of the island. Best suited for snorkelling is Le aux Serfs, surrounded by coral reefs (which protect the lagoons from the open sea and are rich in fish of various species).

Also of interest is the smaller island of Rodrigues. Wildlife lovers can come here to enjoy the beauty of the local reefs and lagoons. There are beautiful deserted beaches here, and numerous colonies of seabirds nest on the neighboring islets. At the same time, the number of tourists here is minimal. The diversity of the underwater world is impressive, and the steady winds create ideal conditions for surfing and windsurfing. It is also worth visiting the unique Patat caves, located at a depth of more than half a kilometer - tourists can see stalactites, stalagmites and other underground wonders of nature in them.

Local specialties worth trying pork with honey gravy, goat roast, octopus curry with corn and beans, and desserts like papaya, cassava pancakes and coconut pie.

Due to the proximity of the islands to each other, as well as favorable weather conditions, it will be easy even for a beginner yachtsman to make routes along the coast of Mauritius. Depending on the class and comfort of the vessel, as well as the cost of skipper and crew services, the cost of renting a yacht will vary. Among the costs planned for renting a yacht in Mauritius: the cost of fuel, the cost of parking in marinas, and the cost of visiting restaurants (if the yacht does not have a galley).

The island of Mauritius is a great place for lovers of unity with nature and fans of extreme sports. The locals are distinguished by their hospitality, and the impeccable level of service makes this island one of the best holiday destinations in the region. There is no industry in Mauritius, due to which the vegetation and vibrant underwater world have remained unchanged since the time of the appearance of man in these places. We recommend that you get a good camera and roomy memory cards in order to have time to photograph all the local beauty.

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