Yachting on Lake Geneva
Denis Korablev
  • 24.12.2020
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Yachting on Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Western Europe, located on the border of Switzerland and France (it was the French who, in their own way, gave it a second name - "Leman"). In Europe, the area of Lake Geneva is second only to the Hungarian Lake Balaton.

It is thanks to this lake that Switzerland has earned itself the title of a yachting power, and the history of the reservoir is rich in numerous interesting and even curious facts. The inhabitants of Switzerland seriously consider Lake Geneva to be the sea, because it has ebb and flow, storms up to 5 points happen, and in foggy weather it can be difficult to see the opposite shores, and there are 22 lighthouses on the shore.

Lake Geneva is connected to the world's oceans through the Rhone River, which flows through it to the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most famous phenomena on Lake Geneva is constant and rather strong winds, and locals are even sure that the so-called "biz" - a cold northeastern wind - can have a negative impact on the psyche of people.

Due to the fact that the central part of the lake does not freeze at any time of the year, navigation never stops here and timber and various goods have been transported along this waterway for a long time, but today the traffic here is mainly passenger.


The favorable location of the lake (the mountain range of the Alps closes the reservoir from the influence of cold winds blowing from the north) contributes to the formation of an almost subtropical climate here. Palm trees and other heat-loving plants grow everywhere on the coast, while snow-capped mountain peaks can be seen in the distance on the horizon. Despite this, the water in this mountain lake is almost always quite cold and even in the heat of summer the temperature does not rise above 23 degrees Celsius. Therefore, beach lovers are advised to visit the lake in summer - in July-August. Note that the resort infrastructure of the lake was formed under the influence of a unique combination of continental, Mediterranean and Atlantic climate, surrounding mountains and vast forests.

Attractions of Lake Geneva

On the coast of the largest alpine lake, 60% of the water area of which belongs to Switzerland, there are many interesting cities worthy of a traveler's attention. In the eastern part of the lake, between the cities of Montreux and Lausanne, there is a stretch of coastline called the "Swiss Riviera" - the most famous villages and towns are concentrated here.

Geneva, the second largest city in the country, has almost 1 million inhabitants, half of whom are foreigners. The reason for this is that Geneva has become the location of the headquarters of the United Nations, WHO and other organizations of international importance. The hallmark of the city is the Same Do fountain, reaching a height of 140 m. The flow rate of this structure exceeds 500 liters of water / min. According to the project, the fountain was created as part of the equipment of the local hydroelectric power station, but in the middle of the 20th century it was decided to rebuild it.

The city is best known for its natural beauty and historical sights. In winter, ski resorts operate here, popular, among other things, due to the proximity of the highest mountain Mont Blanc - it is just an hour's drive from here and is visible from any part of the city.

Lausanne is in 4th place in the country in terms of population and there are also a lot of foreigners here. Medieval quarters, museums and ancient cathedrals, as well as unusual medieval buildings are interesting to visit. The city's waterfront has a large number of excellent restaurants and cafes where you can relax after swimming in the lake right next to the city pier.

The city of Montreux is located in the extreme eastern part of the lake and is the most expensive resort in Switzerland. Here, surrounded by picturesque mountain peaks and vineyards, you can relax with numerous bars and chic restaurants. At 3 km from the city, near the water, there is the Chillon Castle, built in the early 9th century to protect the Roman Empire. This castle is the most famous structure on the lakeside and is mentioned in the works of Byron, Dumas, Hugo, Rousseau and other writers.

On the French coast, there is the Ripaille castle, built in the 15th century, during the reign of the Savoy dynasty. Surrounded by vineyards and flowering parks, the castle is located in the vicinity of Thonon and attracts the attention of tourists with its impressive appearance and magnificent nature.

Not far from the Swiss city of Vivi, there are the Lavaux grape terraces, which are protected by UNESCO. Located on the steep shore of the lake, the terraces are narrow, equipped at different levels, areas. According to historians, the period of these vineyards dates back to the 11th century. Also in the vicinity of the city there are a water park and a Nestle factory, and the nearby houses of Le Corbusier are a UNESCO heritage.

Lake Geneva is famous for the fact that at one time Tchaikovsky traveled here on a sailing tag, Stravinsky painted pictures in Geneva, and also many writers created their works, staying in its vicinity, - Dostoevsky, Nabokov, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, etc.

Outdoor activities

Yachting on Lake Geneva is extremely popular, with large marinas in Geneva and Lausanne, and smaller yacht clubs scattered along the coast in the most convenient locations. You can take the necessary skill lessons at the numerous aquatic centers designed for both adults and children.

At the height of summer, the famous Bol D'Or Mirabaud regatta is organized on the lake, in which hundreds of sailing yachts participate. At the same time, more than a million tourists become viewers who came to watch this event. As experienced yachtsmen noted 2yachts, the spirit of competition lives in every Swiss and the locals prefer sailing vessels, because they like to compete, as with other participants, and with the elements. The few motor yachts that dock in local marinas are usually owned by foreigners.

On Lake Geneva, not only yachting trips are popular, but also boarding or water skiing (which can be combined with lunches or knowledge of gastronomic delights in one of the restaurants on the shore, in a tavern or an excursion to wine cellars), as well as fishing. Pike, perch, whitefish and trout are fished on the lake almost all year round, and if necessary, you can hire an experienced captain who will show you the most fishy places. And in many restaurants on the shore you can order the preparation of fish catch.

Also, lovers of active pastime can go to mountain areas for rafting, kayaking or canyoning. Snowboarding or paragliding are no less interesting for fans of extreme recreation - in the summer.

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