Yachting around Catalonia
Denis Korablev
  • 14.04.2021
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Yachting around Catalonia

Modern travel on yachts is quite popular and safe, because today ships can be equipped with everything necessary for life at sea. On a yacht, living space can be organized more compactly, and additional equipment adds convenience along the way. On a yacht, you can stop at selected places, appearing where it is difficult for an ordinary tourist to reach. Well, if you plan a trip through several countries, then vivid impressions and thrills are guaranteed to you!

Yachting in the modern world is a very prestigious hobby, and at the same time, it is becoming more affordable. It is quite possible that soon yachts will become the same means of transportation as the usual cars. Let's consider how you can make the most of your vacation in Catalonia by traveling on a yacht.

What to watch

The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is one of the key ports of the Mediterranean and around this city you will find many cozy villages and golden sandy beaches in quiet coves.

According to legend, Barcelona was founded by Hercules himself. Today, there is a huge port in this Spanish city, yachtsmen can stay in comfortable and modern marinas. All conditions for yachting are created here - if you have free time, you should probably think about renting a yacht in Barcelona. This city has long had the status of a tourist Mecca in Spain. Today, an increasing number of vacationers make a choice in favor of combining local sightseeing with boat trips.

Among the attractions of Barcelona, it is worth highlighting:

  • Rambla is the most famous street in Spain;
  • The Gothic Quarter is the center of medieval buildings;
  • The Picasso Museum is one of the most popular in Barcelona;
  • Barcelona Aquarium - the largest European center for the study of the Mediterranean underwater fauna;
  • Mila House - an architectural landmark, taken under the protection of UNESCO;
  • House-Museum of Antoni Gaudí, introducing visitors to the life of the great Catalan architect;
  • Barcelona Cathedral;
  • Montjuïc Hill;
  • Garden City Guell;
  • Plaza Catalunya;
  • Boqueria Market;
  • The old port, which was developed in the 90s of the last century;
  • Tibidabo Hill;
  • The Eixample quarter with many buildings dating back to the 19th century.

On your own yacht, you can visit places that an ordinary tourist cannot reach. All you need is to decide on the direction and route of travel. It makes sense to arrive a few days before the start of the trip in order to feel the peculiar atmosphere of the city and have time to visit some of the city's attractions. Keep in mind that Barcelona is great for organizing sailing trips with children.

By renting a yacht in Spain, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Barcelona and combine a seaside holiday with excursions on land. North of the city, there are many kilometers of magnificent beaches, fishing villages and hidden coves. The best conditions for visiting this region are from May to early August, then the waves are not so high (up to 0.5 m in height), and at times a very soft and warm wind blows - midjorn.

10 km south-west of Barcelona, there is an elite urbanization - Gava Mar, which is a center of attraction for wealthy tourists and celebrities. The urbanization is surrounded by lush pine forests, in an ecologically clean place, and has been chosen by politicians, actors and football players. The unofficial name of Gava Mar is Catalan Miami. This is a great place for permanent residence, with a well-developed tourist infrastructure and a convenient entrance to the crystal clear sea. From here, El Prat International Airport can be reached in just 10 minutes by car.

One of the most important resort centers in the region, Tarragona, is located 80 km south-west of the capital of Catalonia. This city flourished during the period of the Roman Empire, and the ancient buildings to this day remain a reminder of the greatness of bygone times.

Some of the city's most popular attractions include:

  • Roman amphitheater 2 in buildings;
  • Cathedral of the 12th century;
  • The lively Rambla Nova boulevard;
  • Roman circus 1st century;
  • Remains of the fortress wall of the ancient city of Tarraco;
  • Archaeological Museum;
  • Modern Art Museum;
  • Monument "Castellieros", dedicated to an interesting tradition - to build "living pyramids" during festivities;
  • Necropolis, consisting of more than 2 thousand burials;
  • Ancient quarry;
  • Roman aqueduct, reaching 27 m in height.

The beaches of Tarragona have a gentle entrance to the water, so you can relax with your children without fear. Most of the beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag. Some of the beach strips are located in uninhabited places, while the rest have a developed tourist infrastructure.


You can organize an unforgettable trip by taking advantage of the yachting opportunities provided by the developed network of marinas and yacht berths on the buoys.

The most popular marinas in the area are:

  • Marina Port Vell with 167 berths for mooring vessels up to 180 m in length;
  • Club Nautic Port de La Selva with 304 berths for mooring vessels up to 15 m in length;
  • Marina "Royal Maritime Club of Tarragona" with 441 berths for yachts from 6 to 20 meters in length. Depths in the marina are up to 6 meters.

The infrastructure of Marina Port Vell includes the following types of services:

  • Supply of vessels with drinking water and electricity;
  • Maintenance of yachts;
  • Toilets;
  • Showers;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Video monitoring;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Banks.

The infrastructure of the modern marina Club Nautic Port de La Selva in Barcelona is designed to provide a variety of services, including:

  • Supply of vessels with drinking water and electricity;
  • Maintenance of yachts;
  • Toilets;
  • Showers;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Changing rooms;
  • Parking;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Video monitoring;
  • Restaurants;
  • Bars.

By renting a boat, you can explore the maritime surroundings of Catalonia, examine in detail not only the coastline, but also the nearby islands. You can rent a yacht with a skipper, in which case you do not need a license to operate a boat. The beginning and the end of the lease is timed to Saturday. However, most companies recommend that renters return the boat on Friday evening.

Before choosing a yacht, set a goal: what do you need it for? For example, for a leisurely vacation at sea or to participate in a regatta. Then you can choose a suitable marina to start the start. You also need to decide on the size, layout, technical equipment and the number of seats on the ship. When choosing a yacht, we advise you to trust the professionals - consult the team of specialists of the 2yachts company to clarify all the questions that arise.

Renting a yacht is the best way to add new experiences to your vacation and enjoy the unforgettable views of Catalonia. You can hire a crew or use the yacht charter service without a skipper to navigate it yourself. In the catalog of yachts for rent, you can find an acceptable offer for both lovers of a quiet, secluded vacation, and for fans of active recreation.

Check out the proposed selection of yachts on the website of our company and do not waste time - renting or buying a yacht for organizing the perfect holiday with 2yachts is very easy!