Yachting in the Saronic Gulf, Greece
Denis Korablev
  • 18.01.2021
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Yachting in the Saronic Gulf, Greece

Yachting in Greece is considered one of the best in the world - this is facilitated not only by the excellent weather for most of the time, but also by the almost always calm sea and the absence of strong winds. Also along the Greek shores are scattered more than 2 thousand various islands with beautiful nature and an acceptable depth of sea waters right near the water's edge.

Thanks to good depths, vacationers can come close to the shore on a yacht and drop anchor in any chosen cozy bay for swimming or spending the night.

In the bay is the capital of Greece - Athens, thanks to the convenient location of the international airport, as well as the large fleet of yachts and catamarans, which is one of the most convenient points for planning the start of a yacht trip.


The weather on the islands of the Saronic Gulf is stable and predictable, the prevailing winds are northerly and northwestward, of little strength. The bay area is well protected from the Meltemi winds, which have a strong influence on most of the other Greek islands. Thanks to these factors, yachting here is available even to inexperienced yachtsmen.

Most of the sunny days of the year are in May, at this time the air temperature is kept at about 25 degrees Celsius (at night it can drop to 7 degrees Celsius). In May, you can swim on the local beaches, and at this time there is a riot of greenery and the nights are already warm. July and August are characterized as the hottest and driest months with occasional rainfall and high temperatures. In September, the weather is still very hot, and allows you to enjoy the delights of a beach holiday. In October, the beach season closes, and in November you will need warm clothes to go to the sea. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in December, the weather during this period often quickly deteriorates, so you should carefully monitor the weather forecasts.

In case you are planning to take in yacht charter in Greece for the first time after completing skipper training then the Saronic Gulf can be the perfect place to improve your skills. Here you can always choose a parking according to your mood, in the water area of the bay there are many quiet bays and popular tourist destinations with a wide range of entertainment and nightlife.

Interesting places to visit and attractions

The bay of Epidavros is located on the Peloponnese peninsula, on the banks of which tourists can visit the ancient Greek ancient temple complex Askelion, as well as an amphitheater with amazing acoustics. Here are fragrant orange orchards, and at the bottom of the sea near the beaches you can find fragments of ancient amphorae and foundations of old houses left from the old city. You can leave the yacht in the port or anchor in a place with the desired depth.

One of the amazing places is the island of Hydra, where the city of the same name with a spacious marina is located, where you will be served one of the most delicious cappuccino in the world. The local architecture is imbued with the spirit of history - after going ashore, you can leisurely wander through the narrow streets with vegetable rows, as well as a large number of taverns, cafes, souvenir and fish shops, etc. World celebrities often appear on Hydra (among fans of the island - Brigitte Bordeaux, fashion designer Valentino, Audrey Hepburn, etc.) house-museums.

An important distinctive feature of the island is that it is the only one in the country where the use of motor vehicles is prohibited (even bicycles are not used here). Only motor boats, donkeys and mules are used as a means of transportation around the island.

You should definitely visit the picturesque island of Aegina, washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea, which occupies a strategic position. Here is located the ancient temple of Athena Aphaia, striking with its energy, built on the site of an ancient sanctuary in the 4th century BC Also on the island there is a convent of St.Nektarios, a chapel of the 13th century painted with beautiful frescoes, the Archaeological Museum is functioning. Also in the east of the island, in the town of Faros, there is the famous Aegina Water Park, which offers a wide range of entertainment for all tastes for adults and children.

In addition, the island of Aegina is known for the fact that the best pistachios in the country are grown here - the largest in size, with thin shells and a sour taste. The small village of Agia Marina is located here, attracting young people and tourists living in local discos and bars. In the south of the island is the village of Perdika with clear water and clean sand beaches. In this village you can taste the white wine Ritsina, which is the oldest in the world, it has been produced for several thousand years, at the same time it is very cheap and at a price comparable to ordinary soda.

The island of Poros is also interesting, known for the sailing regattas held here and the ruins of the temple of Poseidon, which is considered the patron saint of the island, which have survived from antiquity to the present day. The vegetation on Poros is composed mainly of pine, lemon and olive trees. Before lunch, you can walk to the fish market, or have a hearty snack at the local tavern. You can moor in the comfortable and well-equipped port of Poros, located in the south of the island, or anchor off the northern coast.

The island of Spetses, known in ancient times as Pitius, became famous thanks to the annual festival "Armata", which commemorates the battle that took place here during the revolution of 1821. You can stay in Spetses in the old port in Baltitsa or in the new port of Dapia. It is noteworthy that local shipbuilders still build boats in the traditional way. The coastline of the island is dotted with small beaches with adjoining pine forests and abounds in beautiful scenic landscapes.

Salamis is the northernmost island of the Saronic Gulf, known for being here in 480 BC. Themistocles' troops won a naval victory over the Persians, significantly outnumbering them. The island is home to a variety of excellent hotels and historic villas, well suited for a quiet, secluded getaway.

The small island of Agistri has many convenient deep coves and offers all the conditions for fishing. Agistri is also a favorite among yachtsmen for barbecuing. We are sure that the impressions of the time spent near the fire will remain in your memory for a long time.

Yachting in the Saronic Gulf should be remembered for the incredible and unique nature of the Mediterranean islands, warm sunny weather, impressive historical sights and unforgettable ancient energy.

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