Greece and Montenegro will open the tourist season in July
Denis Korablev
  • 12.05.2020
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Greece and Montenegro will open the tourist season in July

The Greek authorities are planning to open access to tourists from the beginning of July, CNN told us about it. Of course, for most of our citizens, the appeal of Greek resorts is not a secret, but due to the spread of coronavirus infection, for many, visiting Greece may seem like a distant dream.

Greece is an attractive country for boaters from all over the world, thanks to its rugged coastline with many secluded bays, islands and harbors. Greece has the longest coastline in Europe, while marinas are generally poorly equipped and have minimal amenities. At the same time, there is a large selection of yachts for rent in rental, there are various yachting conditions, there are many islands and there is a wide variety of routes of varying length and difficulty, and most of the beaches are marked with the Blue Flag quality mark. If you are going to rent or purchase a yacht, we advise you to contact the professionals of the 2yachts company - we always have fresh offers for every taste!

Greece showed a rare pace in Europe in the fight against coronavirus - provided that all quarantine measures were taken, it was possible to keep the incidence and mortality rate at a relatively low level (only 150 people in the country died from coronavirus). Already in the first weeks of May, hairdressers, beauty salons and bookstores opened in Greece. According to the Prime Minister of the country Kiriyakis Mitsotakis, in the summer of 2020 the state is launching a model of “ cautious return of tourists”. With the opening of the season, the risk of sick people visiting Greek resorts will inevitably increase, but the head of government hopes that the existing testing regime will significantly reduce this risk, if not minimize it.

At this time, each passenger arriving in the country is being tested for COVID-19 and the test results can be obtained after 2 hours. Also, upon arrival in the Greek capital - Athens, travelers need to fill out an individual form with information about the upcoming travel itinerary, so that if something happens, if a tourist is diagnosed with a disease, the authorities can trace the circle of acquaintances of the infected with the infection.

Kyriakis Mitsotakis hopes that Greece will resume receiving tourists from July 1, while hoping for better-off tourists, because most low-cost airlines are not able to restore their activities so quickly.

Note that the share of tourism in the country's total income is about 20%, in 2018, 31 million tourists visited Greece, which is 3 times more than the population of the country itself. At least 25% of Greeks work in areas related to tourism in one way or another.

Montenegro is also preparing to receive the flow of tourists from July 1, despite the existing threat of the further spread of the coronavirus. This country has a small number of outstanding islands and a short coastline, the Bay of Kotor is worth mentioning as a excellent place for yachting - there are no big waves here and the winds are closed thanks to the nearby mountains. Moreover, the conditions for yacht charter are much better here than in many other European countries. According to Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, the country is ready to open a new tourist season in the very near future. Only it will be necessary to follow the measures prescribed by the health authorities - among them measures for hygiene and sanitary safety for hotels and hotels, catering establishments, beaches and other public areas. At the same time, the government teaches Montenegro as a country without the COVID-19 virus. Mainly, the government relies on tourists from the borderlands of Bosnia and Serbia. Note that new cases of coronavirus infection in Montenegro have not been recorded for several days, and in total, more than 300 cases of infection and 9 deaths from it have been confirmed in the country.