How to organize a yacht charter in the Bay of Islands
Denis Korablev
  • 29.01.2021
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How to organize a yacht charter in the Bay of Islands

Many people dream of going to warm tropical regions in winter in order to relax abroad in comfortable weather conditions. But only a select few in this case choose their destination country not Egypt, Turkey or southern European countries, but something even rarer and more unusual. If you are interested in yachting in the most outlandish and exotic places in the world, then you can successfully choose one of the regions of a country like New Zealand (which belongs to the most ecologically safe countries in the world ).

This largest state in Oceania has many amazing places, but the most unique is the area of the Bay of Islands, which got its name from the many small islands concentrated in a narrow bay resembling a Norwegian fjord. Let's consider how you can spend your time interestingly and excitingly doing yachting here.

Bay of Islands - New Zealand idyll, the best place to relax

With a mild tropical climate, stunning white sand beaches and maximum number of sunny days per year, the Bay of Islands, located 240 km northwest of Auckland, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the map country. In addition to natural beauty, here you can find many historical sites that are important for the "Land of the Great White Cloud", as New Zealand is called in the language of the indigenous people - the Maori tribes.

The surface of the islands is covered with low bushes, undersized trees, various grasses and other subtropical plants. And on the coast of the bay there is the longest beach in the country - its length exceeds 91 km.

The Bay of Islands is located between two imposing peninsulas, and on its territory you can find more than a hundred small quiet bays, in each of which you can organize a secluded getaway or a meeting for the whole company. There are also many small islands in the bay that can only be reached by water. A trip to them is a good opportunity to get to know the territory of the bay, admiring the idyllic landscapes with evergreen forests and clear waters, as well as observing numerous dolphins and seabirds.

The attractiveness of the Bay of Islands is due not only to the natural beauty of these places, but also to the numerous historically significant sites and objects, developed infrastructure, as well as the traditions and culture of the local people. The first of the Europeans who had a chance to visit the Bay of Islands was the Oceanian explorer James Cook, who gave the bay its name.

Over time, the traditions of visitors and the local population have mixed and the Bay of Islands has become of great interest to tourists and travelers. First of all, it is worth visiting the town of Russell, located in the far north of the bay - originally the city had the status of the capital of New Zealand, but today this small town cannot be compared with the modern capital - the Wellington metropolitan area. The locals are mainly engaged in fishing, oyster farming, and the manufacture and sale of souvenirs.

Today, the town pleases tourists with its Christchurch Cathedral (built in the 2nd half of the 19th century), a local museum with an exposition dedicated to the discoverer of the islands - Captain D. Cook, as well as the most notable historical place of the bay - Pompalier's house 19th century. One of the highlights of a visit to Russell is a guided tour of the Paroa Bay Winery, where you can sample some of the finest white wines made by leading New Zealand winemakers.

Also noteworthy are the local vineyards and orchards (the first vineyards in New Zealand were planted by Europeans in the early 19th century), after visiting which you can form your own impression of the wonderful wines of the north of the country.

Active rest

New Zealand is one of the best places on earth for outdoor activities. Favorite types of entertainment for locals and visitors are yachting, diving and surfing. In addition, great sea fishing is organized here all year round, however there are many rules and restrictions for fishing. So, if you took in yacht charter in New Zealand, to enjoy fishing, you must remember that there can be only one net on one vessel, you can only pull the net manually, and you should not try to sell the caught catch either. And to participate in freshwater fishing (mainly trout fishing), you will need to acquire a special permit, the cost of which will depend on the age of the fisherman and the season.

Wildlife lovers should go for a walk along the trails of the subtropical jungle, and fans of "big fish" should dive under the water in local marine reserves, the bottom of which is overgrown with shell rock and algae, between which various tropical fish scurry about (some of them are endemic). Here it is quite possible to meet moray eels, flocks of numerous Australian wrasses or large crustaceans.

Also popular in the bay are sailing, kayaking and boating. If you wish, you can sign up for diving courses, participate in Maori rituals, order a helicopter ride, organize an off-road trip or excellent fishing.

The Bay's appeal to tourists is enhanced by a wide range of accommodation options, top-notch service at local hotels, and a variety of gourmet cuisine based on seafood.

It would be very difficult to describe all the variety of leisure activities, natural and other types of beauty, as well as the features of the infrastructure of the Bay of Islands in one article. In conclusion, it should be noted that yachtsmen are attracted to this place of the "Homeland of extreme tourism" by the pleasant and warm climate throughout the year, the picturesque rugged coastline with many sparkling clear water bays, as well as all the splendor of living nature, including whales, killer whales, penguins, dolphins and many other species of animals and birds.


When planning a yacht charter in New Zealand, be sure to include in your itinerary the Bay of Islands - the main resort place of this country, where you will be an unforgettable experience from visiting scattered islands with cozy lagoons along the coast, and activities various types of water sports.

If you are interested in yacht rental in New Zealand or in another region of the world - you can always contact the specialists of the company for help 2yachts. At the same time, you can rest assured that you will be provided with professional assistance at all stages of the selection of a vessel and the preparation of related documents.