Best Portuguese beaches to visit in 2020
Denis Korablev
  • 21.04.2020
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Best Portuguese beaches to visit in 2020

Portugal is a country of unique beauty and cleanliness beaches. Beach holidays are indulged in here with pleasure, even though the temperature of the ocean water is usually lower than, for example, in the Mediterranean Sea. However, the coolness of the waters off the Atlantic coast is more than compensated by the beauty of the coastal cliffs, the impeccable sand and the large waves that attract many surfers to the Portuguese beaches. Of course, the beaches of Portugal are impressive with their beauty, but here you can also taste delicious and varied cuisine, as well as look at the architectural sights of the most beautiful cities. In this article, we tried to collect descriptions of the best, in our opinion, beaches in Portugal for summer holidays, available to both ordinary tourists and yachting enthusiasts. If you want to buy a yacht, we advise you to contact the yacht brokers of the company 2yachts - probably among their offers there will be suitable exactly for your preferences


Falésia Beach is located in the Algarve province, it surprises travelers with its unique landscapes with multi-colored sandy rocks and clean sandy coast and bottom. The lack of infrastructure may put off a little, but you can sit with soft drinks in the nearby bar. Falésia is a perfect retreat with fine, clean sand, breathtaking locations and cool winds and huge waves blowing from the sea. And on the tops of the cliffs, Mediterranean pine trees grow with spreading crowns, clinging with all their might to the shaky soil. Since the coast is shallow, the beach is suitable for families and families with children and is suitable for those who want to find a secluded cove for a leisurely vacation.


Marina beach (Marinha praia) is also located in the Algarve province, it is small in size and there are almost always vacationers here. Here you will see intricate rocks (including those with arches), and white sand under your feet, and a transparent ocean, which together create an extraordinary atmosphere. It is best to visit the beach during the period from May to September, when the waters are warmest, and hotels are located in the immediate vicinity, booking places in which, however, is impossible (they are not presented in international booking systems)


Peneku Beach is surrounded by massive sandstone cliffs that descend steeply to the water. The sand is golden and velvety to the touch, the water is clear and warm, and the beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for environmental safety. Because of the large waves and strong currents, it will not work to rest with children on Peneka, and the bottom very quickly becomes deep. Unlike many other beaches on the coast, Peneku is equipped with everything you need for a relaxing break: from showers to parking and a bar with soft drinks, ice cream and hot meals. The beach is popular with surfers, there are jet skis and banana boats for rent, and an inflatable water park with slides is arranged for children in the water. Peneku is a great place for leisurely walks, watching spectacular sunsets and gathering seashells at low tide.

San Rafael

Praia de Sao Rafael Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for the quality of its ecology and is one of the most beautiful in the country. The beach is small and crowded, beautifully surrounded by bright yellow rock formations, and the water here is surprisingly clear, making it ideal for snorkelling. Surfboards and kayak rentals are also available

Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha Beach is located in the vicinity of the city of Portimao and can offer vacationers a whole range of entertainment. Added to the beautiful scenery are amenities such as sun loungers, showers and parking. The beach is long, wide and well-groomed, there are many cafes on the coast, food vendors work, and even at night life here does not stop. The infrastructure includes cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs and even a casino in Portimão Marina, creating a lively atmosphere. Enjoy an exciting holiday in the nearby traditional villages with a distinctive lifestyle dating back to 3500 BC. ancient burial places and other places with fascinating sights. The nature here has preserved its pristine beauty, despite the noticeable traces of interference with natural landscapes.


Guincho Beach is located in a nature reserve in the vicinity of Lisbon and has good transport accessibility. The nature here is unusually picturesque, strong winds constantly blow and powerful waves are created. The sand is clean, almost white, the beach area is limited on both sides by rocky cliffs. Surfing centers, a surfer equipment shop, sun lounger and umbrella rental centers, showers, bars and restaurants are located on the territory adjacent to the beach.


Benaga Beach is located in the south of the country, it is a rather narrow strip of sand, bounded by the ocean and coastal cliffs with impressive grottoes. The landscapes around the beach are spectacular and holidaymakers mainly come here for boat trips to visit the natural caves. The most spectacular of the caves has the monotonous name Banagil and is noticeable only from the ocean side, you can get to it exclusively by water, using your own or yacht charter Portugal. The amazing thing about this cave is that there is a tiny beach under a vast stone vault, and from above, the sun's rays break through a circular opening in the ceiling.


Praia do Amado Beach - the most famous in the country, it is located on the protected Costa Vicentina, famous for its majestic landscapes with sheer shale and limestone cliffs. The beach is surrounded by sand dunes and rocks descending directly to the water. The huge ocean waves make it possible to host international surfing and bodyboarding competitions. The beach is well suited for families, and there is a surf school nearby for those wishing to learn how to surf the waves.


Praia do Bordeira beach is 3 km of golden sand surrounded by limestone cliffs and picturesque slopes of sand dunes. The beach is located at the mouth of the river of the same name, on which lagoons are formed at high tide, in which you can swim in summer. The location is ideal for lovers of privacy and tranquility, and the local waters are ideal for fishing. The river is home to aquatic animals and many species of seabirds nest in the rocks. The nearby hills are paved with wooden paths that lead to the beach from the side of a shallow river.


Praia do Martinhal Beach is located on the coast of Baleira Bay and offers all conditions for surfing, bodyboarding and windsurfing. In the wooden restaurant behind the sand dunes, you can taste unforgettable oysters and shrimp with garlic sauce.


The beach of Amoreira (Praia do Amoreira) is located near the town of Aljezur and has all the conditions for surfing. For young people it is a great picnic spot, while snorkelers can admire the abundance of starfish at the bottom of the rocky pool. The nature around the beach is unique, and at low tide, beautiful shallow lagoons form on the adjacent river, in which you can swim with children. The beach is separated from the city by only 8 km of an asphalt road, but it is rarely crowded here.

Dona Ana

Praia Dona Ana Beach is located near the city of Lagos, surrounded by rocks of an unusual golden color. Due to the rocks, the beach is reliably protected from western and southern winds, so strong waves are rare here. The bottom is gently sloping, sandy, Dona Ana is recognized as one of the most convenient and comfortable beaches in Portugal. This is the reason for its crowdedness, and this beach is worth recommending to lovers of beach activities and parties. To services of vacationers - umbrellas with sun loungers, shower, restaurant and free parking.