The best manufacturers of luxury sailing yachts
Denis Korablev
  • 13.10.2020
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The best manufacturers of luxury sailing yachts

It is from these famous shipyards that the most stunning examples of sailing yachts have been assembled, spectacular and delightful. The vast majority of luxury sailing yachts produced are piece-made products that require skill, knowledge and experience from specialists.

Perini Navi

The Perini Navi Group is renowned for its luxury sailing yachts, outstanding engineering applicable to sport boats. The brand is represented by 2 separate manufacturing companies - the Perini Navi shipyard for the production of large sailing yachts and the Picchiotti shipyard, which specializes in the production of motor yachts.

Founder - Fabio Perini, constantly develops and implements unique technological solutions, and automation and safety remain his main principles in the construction of sailing ships. All ships were created for their future owner, and since Perini's customers are inspired by sailing races no less than walks along the Mediterranean coast, the company took care of organizing a community of like-minded people.

Systematically on one of the most beautiful islands of Italy and the whole world - Sardinia, a meeting of Perini Navi yacht owners is organized in order to demonstrate the capabilities of their superyachts in the process of participating in the Perini Navi Yachts regatta. For more than 30 years of existence, the Perini Navi shipyard has produced a large number of modern, sleek and fast-moving yachts. At the moment, only the main office is located in Italy, the production is based in the vicinity of Istanbul. Production sites are also located in La Spezia, Viareggio (Italy) and Tuzla (Turkey), where elegant sailboats and motor yachts are built.

The scale of production is evidenced by the fact that every 2nd private sailing superyacht in the world over 140 feet in length was created at the Perini Navi shipyards. One of the company's most famous creations is the Maltese Falcon, a vessel that has become a symbol of luxury and technical excellence. The megayacht was assembled by order of the US millionaire Tom Perkins, and an innovative solution in its design was the unique automatic rig control system DynaRig, which allows you to easily set, pull, fold and tie into place huge sails.

Vitters Shipyard

The shipyard is engaged in the production of luxurious sailing vessels up to 54 m long. The company was founded in 1990 by the Dutchman Jan Witters and at first was engaged only in the production of hulls. However, after Louis Hamming (the head of the company) joined the production, the shipyard began to produce premium sailing vessels. The production is located in the Dutch town of Zwartsleis, which is connected to the country's waterways system and is the traditional center of concentration of private megayachts.

One of the most famous creations of Vitters is the yacht Ganesha, which takes part in the most prestigious regattas. In 2018 sailing yacht Ribelle achieved the title of the best in its category and received the award of the year - The World Superyacht Awards - 2018. One of the key features of this manufacturer is the use of innovative technologies to create sports yachts that achieve victories in the most difficult sailing races, while not losing sophistication and comfort due to the interior design worked out to the smallest detail.

Each yacht manufactured by Vitters can be considered a showcase of modern shipbuilding technologies, and therefore sailing yacht charter the company is very popular all over the world. Among the main features of the products are rudders fully assembled in the bottom to improve hydrodynamics, an innovative practically silent electro-hydraulic rudder drive system and an "invisible" anchor system completely hidden in the hull.

ICE Yachts

Based on CN Yacht 2000, Ice yacht is a relatively new company in the yachting market, while successfully producing luxury cruising yachts and sailing catamarans up to 100 feet in length. ICE Yachts manufacturing facilities are based east of Milan in the small Italian town of Salvirola.

The vessels produced by Ice yacht are incredibly durable and at the same time lightweight, which was achieved by the use of innovative materials in shipbuilding. The company applies the latest developments in the field of auto industry, architecture and other areas of production. When creating the housings, carbon fiber and epoxy resins are used with the use of vacuum technologies, which ensures the lightness of the material and increased strength.

Each yacht model is built to an individual project, and the interior design of the yachts uses light colors that are more suitable for the Scandinavian style.

Royal Huisman

Royal Huisman Shipyard B.V. has been producing since 1884, producing sailboats (sailing yachts / cabin boats, luxury sailing yachts over 20 m in length), motor boats (motor yachts / boats with cabins, luxury motor yachts over 20 m in length) and motor mega yachts over 50 m in length.

More than 300 experienced professionals work at Royal Huisman, for whom launching each vessel is a significant event, and their brainchildren are a source of pride for both the owners, team members and employees themselves shipyard.

Some of the best vessels produced by the Royal Huisman development team are the Sea Eagle, Elfje, Aquarius, Ngoni yachts, which delight not so much with their respectable exterior as with the refinement of each element.


The Italian shipyard Solaris Cantiere Se.Ri.Gi has been manufacturing since 1974, creating luxury sailboats (sailing yachts / boats with cabins, luxury sailboats over 20 m long). The company has its own production, where not only yachts, but also interior items are assembled, thanks to which the company manages to embody the most non-standard solutions in the interior, however, the range of models of this Italian brand is limited to vessels up to 60 feet in length.

The main products of the Solaris shipyard are ocean sailing yachts, to which the highest quality and durability requirements are put forward. One of the company's unique developments is a special hull lamination system, which allows the produced yachts to withstand the most severe climatic conditions.

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