Yacht shoes

Yacht shoes

Every sailing on a yacht requires the most careful preparation. The successful outcome of even the shortest sea voyage ultimately depends on the correct equipment of everyone on board.

The most holy of holies of every ship is its deck. Scrubbing the deck to mirror shine is not only a tradition or a whim of a stern skipper, but first of all, it is to ensure safe movement on the deck and ease of sail control. It is only natural that special footwear is required to walk on a smooth, mirror-polished deck. Taking into account the specifics of sea travel, such shoes should be comfortable to wear, be soft and elastic, and have a sole that provides reliable grip on the deck in any humidity.

The scope of the shoe created by American Paul Sperry is the deck of a ship. Boat shoes, or as they were originally called "boat shoes", specialized shoes for moving around the deck, have even become part of the uniform of sailors in the navy due to their practicality. Crafted from specially treated leather, these moccasin-like shoes are water resistant and dry quickly while remaining soft. The sole of the topsiders, made of special rubber with increased grip, has a unique tread that guarantees quick and safe movement on the deck in all weather conditions. The outsole (only white!) Does not leave marks on the deck. Shoes for a yacht are only closed, which ensures the absence of injuries in case of possible bruises on protruding parts on the deck of the yacht and its interior.

The circular lacing of topsiders, and their short laces, excludes cases of injury during active movement around the vessel. The special lacing ensures a secure fit of the foot, and the short laces prevent tripping.

Boatmen, like special footwear, are only needed to move around the boat. They should never be worn with socks. For a walk on the shore, you can change into any safe and comfortable footwear.

There are also special yacht shoes (deck shoes), durable shoes made of special leather, with leather laces and soft flat soles.

A high-quality pair of topsiders, tightly fitting on the leg, will provide maximum comfort to its owner for many years.


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