Features of yachting on the islands of French Polynesia
Denis Korablev
  • 29.12.2020
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Features of yachting on the islands of French Polynesia

French Polynesia is comfortably located in the center of the South Pacific and unites over a hundred islands whose names are steeped in the spirit of legends.

These tropical islands on the map are shaped like a triangle, and they are very diverse in relief and nature. Surrounded by the boundless waters of the Pacific Ocean, the islands of French Polynesia have excellent yacht travel conditions. At the same time, most of them are covered with evergreen forests, groves of coconut trees, and on the coast, kilometers of beaches with white sand stretch to the services of vacationers.

The yachting season lasts here all year round, and when you come here to relax, you will be pleasantly surprised by the stable warm weather, lack of strong winds and modern service throughout the year. Yachting is very popular in almost all the islands of French Polynesia, so it will not be difficult for you to find a suitable bay or marina. By renting a yacht in French Polynesia, you can visit all corners of this Pacific region, since the distance between islands within the archipelagos are insignificant.

The best time to travel on sailing yachts is summer and autumn, in the absence of storms and when it is not very hot here. In winter, yachting on the islands can only be extreme people who want to test themselves in the fight against the elements. The islands have a tropical climate, with a predominance of high humidity and an average temperature throughout the year of +25 degrees Celsius. The hottest month is February, with cooler weather from May to November. The trade winds blowing from the southeast prevail, bringing relatively cool weather.

The islands have a large number of cozy bays and comfortable marinas, however, you have to moor only in the daytime, since there are many reefs in the ocean. Since the region is located in equatorial latitudes, it gets dark here early, so you can always enjoy the unique atmosphere, being in the sea and looking at the myriads of distant stars scattered across the dark night sky.

Most Popular Destinations

French Polynesia attracts yachtsmen, first of all, with clear and blue waters of quiet lagoons with white beaches, as well as bright coral reefs and underwater world of extraordinary diversity and richness. But, in view of the fact that the coral reefs stretching along the islands with a ribbon pose a danger to ships, it is recommended to go on sailing trips to French Polynesia only for experienced yachtsmen.

While resting here, you will forever remember the landscapes of exotic islands with mountain landscapes, coconut trees and glass-transparent water. And in addition to the picturesque nature, vacationers on the islands can try national cuisine in local restaurants.

The island of Bora Bora, known as a paradise for newlyweds, is especially popular. By renting a yacht here, newlyweds can use all the possibilities of impeccable service, relax on beautiful beaches and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets in the open ocean.

The island of Tahiti offers unique opportunities for outdoor activities. Travelers enjoy lively shopping malls, lush green parks and many cultural attractions. The island is covered with impenetrable jungle, and the local flora and fauna is rich as nowhere else. If you are interested in Polynesian cuisine, you can always try gastronomic masterpieces of fish and seafood created by local chefs in the establishments of the island. After enjoying delicious dishes, you can devote your free time to diving - thanks to the colorful reefs and mysterious underwater volcanoes that conceal the secrets of the Pacific Ocean, divers from different countries come to Tahiti.

The islands of the Tuamotu archipelago, which occupy the central part of French Polynesia, offer good opportunities for ecological tourism. The islands, lined up in a long chain of atolls, are surrounded by magnificent lagoons, and also have travelers to themselves with white beaches and the richest flora and fauna of the marine tropics. Local vegetation is predominantly shrub type and can bloom all year round. Tuamotu is very popular with divers and can be safely called a blooming Pacific underwater paradise.

A hundred miles northwest of Tahiti are the islands of Tahaa and Raiatea, which together form a single lagoon. When you first visit Tahaa Island, you will immediately understand why it is called "vanilla island" - the delicate aroma of this spice is brought by the wind from vast plantations, which are sure to show to tourists when visiting it. Locals make a living by selling vanilla, as well as unique black pearls grown on the farms located here. The pearls harvested on the island are of the highest quality and are told about legends and lyrical stories.

Tahaa has many historical sites open to the public, such as the ancient temples of the Marae Polynesians. The local coves are framed by high hills and here you will find many attractive romantic spots with beautiful landscapes and warm lagoons. Excellent fishing can be organized near the islands, however, you can try your hand at underwater fishing. Tahaa is considered the best snorkeling destination on the islands, and surfing, windsurfing and yacht cruises become the basis of outdoor activities here.

The island of Raiatea is considered the center of the ancient Polynesian civilization, and among local attractions: places of religious worship, temples built in antiquity, the cult idol of Taputapuatea, etc. The island has preserved unique culinary traditions - dishes are cooked here in earthen ovens, which are essentially pits lined with stone. The local cuisine offers numerous dishes of both meat, fish and seafood.

What to see

Tourists come to the islands of French Polynesia, which are in many ways an alternative to the Maldives, for the sake of observing the views of virgin nature. Arriving here, you can visit beaches with both white and black volcanic sand, high mountains, huge plantations of bananas, pineapples and vanilla, as well as impressive waterfalls (there are over 1,000 in Tahiti). History buffs can visit the unique Black Pearl Museum in Papeete, or watch sharks and barracuda on Bora Bora. It is noteworthy that the highest on this island is the hill of the extinct volcano Otemanu, which is more than 4 million years old.

On the island of Moorea, you can visit the sacred mountain Mt. Rotui, as well as the ruins of an ancient temple. But in order to discover the true treasures of French Polynesia, we advise you to go diving, because here it is considered the best in the world!

Observing the mesmerizing views of the pristine nature, you can create impressive pictures, because every object on the territory of these islands is unique in its own way. Choosing the island of French Polynesia as an object for the implementation of a yacht trip, you can be sure that you will see here with your own eyes the most famous views captured on tourist avenues around the world!

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