Features of traveling on a yacht with children
Denis Korablev
  • 20.09.2021
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Features of traveling on a yacht with children

It's no secret that parents try to give their children all the best. A family vacation on a yacht guarantees a lot of impressions and wonderful rest. And before planning yachting for the whole family, it is necessary to study a number of rules for finding the passengers present on board, which will ensure a comfortable stay. The choice of yachts for rent depends on the family composition of the vacationers, taking into account the age of the children. The optimal age for novice sea travelers is from 8 years old, but even younger children will be delighted to hear about the upcoming trip.

If children require supervision, double cabins will be a great solution. In addition, it is necessary to resolve issues with the accommodation of family members in cabins with single beds, find out questions about the availability of hot water, a sufficient number of showers and toilets. Living conditions are very important, but in addition, the yacht should choose a spacious, wide aft, spacious cockpit, with pools and ladders equipped with handrails. Children are prone to motion sickness, and in this case, a family catamaran vacation is one of the best options. For active children, the catamaran has a lot of interior space, and its increased stability does not rock the catamaran when tacking.

Usually, if children are supposed to be on board, a special net is additionally pulled on the safety rails. Children move around the deck only in a vest - this rule is mandatory. The vests must be the size of the child. If a charter flight is envisaged, the company is obliged to provide lifejackets of the required size.

Compliance with the rules of conduct on board is the main thing that is required of a little traveler. The child must study the rules in advance, but it will not be superfluous to repeat them periodically while on board the yacht. When mooring or unmooring children must be supervised by an adult family member. The vigilant supervision of adults is especially important in bad weather conditions.

As the specialists recommend 2yachts, depending on the planning of the duration of the trip, it is necessary to calculate the amount of food, clothes, make a stock necessary medicines and drugs. When planning your vacation with children, you should study the route of the yacht, be aware of the sights of the places visited. Children love to frolic, but the limited space of the yacht is not provided for active outdoor games. It is worth choosing games that are calm and fun.

The delight of going out to sea will not leave a child from the very beginning of the voyage. A fresh breeze, a feeling of boundless space, probable adventures - this will leave a mark for years to come. And if (under vigilant control!), Give the child the opportunity to take part in raising the anchor, for example, or give the opportunity to stand at the helm - photos with such moments will be carefully stored. The child will not be bored, you just need to pay full attention to him, involving him in the travel process in a playful style. Your camera or camcorder should always be at hand.

Happy memories of a real sea voyage, completely dependent on parental responsibility.