The most beautiful bays and bays in Croatia
Denis Korablev
  • 20.04.2020
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The most beautiful bays and bays in Croatia

Croatia is a sunny country in Southern Europe, located in a zone of mild climate typical for the entire Mediterranean. Holidays in Croatia can include swimming in the pristine waters of the Adriatic, great beach activities, walks surrounded by pine trees and picturesque cliffs, acquaintance with hospitable cuisine and healing at mineral springs. One of the options for active recreation in this region is yachting - for this there is a developed network of marinas, and acquaintance with the pristine nature at sea crossings can impress even the most sophisticated traveler. If you are interested in yacht sale in one of the "hottest" regions among yachtsmen, you can always contact the managers of the company 2yachts - they will select for you the best deals on the yachting market and suggest the right decision. In this article we will try to consider the most attractive places on the map of Croatia, namely the most beautiful bays and coves with beaches. Note that all the beaches in Croatia are municipal, with free entrance, there are sandy, rocky, pebble and concrete types of beaches.


Bozhava Bay is located on the island of Dugi - the longest and most remote island in Central Dalmatia (the largest tourist region of the country with the center in the city of Split). In this bay you will find a turquoise sea, fine white sand of the local Saharun beach. This place is ideal for families. Soline Bay in the southwestern part of the island competes with Bozhava, in both of them you can anchor a yacht and enjoy the natural beauty.

Vela Farska

Vela Farska Bay, located on the island of Brac, welcomes its guests with lush Mediterranean vegetation, a gentle pebble beach and a calm atmosphere of seclusion. The bay is ideal for both relaxing and diving and yachting. There are a number of historical sites nearby. The resort village of Bol is 10 km from the bay, where you can visit a gallery of modern art or take advantage of excursion programs. You can get to this heavenly place by car, by water or on foot from the nearby village of Murvitsa (the walk will take about 2 hours).


We should also mention the Osibova Bay, located in the north of the island of Brac. Here you will find an atmosphere of solitude, tranquility and unity with nature. By visiting Osibov Bay on your own or chartered yacht in Croatia, you are guaranteed to get a relaxing holiday that will leave only the most positive impressions.

Kvarner bays

Kvarner bays are located in the north of Croatia and are characterized by an amazing richness of the underwater world and attract with their lush olive groves and quiet and peaceful atmosphere. People come here to escape from everyday life, fully relax and rest away from the noise of cities.

Coves of Pag Island

The island of Pag has excellent beaches known far beyond the borders of the country. Here you will find many secluded coves surrounded by picturesque cliffs. Vlaska Mala Bay is known for the remains of a flooded merchant ship of the 1st century BC at its bottom, and a whole flooded town is hidden under the water in Tsaska Bay. Pag is also known for hosting music festivals on the island, attracting young people from all over Europe. You can travel all over the island, admiring the magnificent landscapes and enjoying the beautiful historical buildings, clear sea and delicious food.


Saplunara Bay is located on the island of Mljet, surrounded by old pine trees as part of a nature reserve. In this cove with crystal clear waters, you can enjoy the splendor of nature and calm beaches with fine sand. The water level on the coast is shallow, and its temperature in summer can reach a record 28 degrees Celsius.

Brother Luke

Bratia Luka Bay is located on the island of Korcula, famous for its sandy beaches and rich green pine groves. This place is ideal for a sports holiday at sea.

Shun Bay

Shun Bay is located on the small island of Lopud, the local beach is considered one of the best in the entire Adriatic. There is no car traffic on the island, and the air is clean and filled with aromas of citrus and spreading pines. The entrance to the ode on the beach is shallow, and even a hundred meters from the coast it is shallow, which makes it possible here to rest with small children. At the beach vacationers' services there are kayaking, windsurfing, bicycle rental and an unusual variation of the volleyball game with the players being in the water. A pine grove adjoins the shore, there are several coastal cafes, and in souvenir shops you can buy coral jewelry.


Stiniva Bay is located on the small resort island of Vis. The local beach in 2016 won the title of the best in Europe, it is surrounded by steep cliffs and the approach to it is organized along a narrow path, there is also an option to get up on a yacht from Rukavac Bay. Vacationers are attracted here by the clear azure waters, small pebbles, thoughtful hiking trails, opportunities for snorkeling and fishing. The water here is always warm and calm. In order to enjoy all the beauties and taste all the possibilities for relaxation, you should not come here in the high season, but in September. Tourists will be interested in visiting the nearby old fishing houses.


3 km from the Croatian resort of Rovinj on the Istrian peninsula is located with the beach of the same name, bars and cafes. The coast is very shallow, and there is an opportunity to relax with children. Trees grow close to the coast, so it won't be difficult to hide in their shade on hot days. There are also opportunities for practicing various sports, including tennis and diving.


The bay of Krivica on the island of Losinj is one of the visiting cards of Croatia. This part of the Adriatic is one of the most protected bays and boasts centuries-old pines growing almost near the coast. For many tourists, Krivitsa has become a dream come true.


Sakarun Bay on Dugi Outflow Island is a great place to get acquainted with the local nature. The sea shimmers here with beautiful shades, the white sand is comfortable, and the numerous underwater springs will make your bathing here pleasantly cool even on the hottest days.


Loena Bay on Levrnaka Island is a pleasant place surrounded by rocky shores, with peculiar vegetation on them, with warm turquoise water. Here you can relax with the whole family, strolling along the pebble beach.


Vinogradisce Bay is deeply cut into the coast and is protected from winds and waves. There is a small sandy beach, restaurants are nearby, and the surroundings are decorated with exotic plants brought from different parts of the world.

The rugged coast of Croatia is becoming a real paradise for fans of relaxation in secluded bays, yachtsmen strive here for wild beaches, uninhabited islands, secluded settlements in the bays. Most of the bays are unoccupied , however, for the convenience of yachtsmen, concrete blocks and anchor chains with mooring buoys are installed. The best place to enjoy the sea is on the islands, because it is there that you can observe the diversity of the rich underwater world, and many places here can become a piece of a real island paradise for you.