The most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria
Denis Korablev
  • 20.04.2020
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The most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a popular country among tourists, attractive mainly for its coastline. In this country, there are enough beautiful and long beaches that promise a leisurely relaxing holiday throughout the season. Yachting enthusiasts are attracted to Bulgaria not only by the abundance of beaches, but also by the availability of training centers, resort marinas, as well as the abundance of deserted places on the coast. The yacht market in Bulgaria is experiencing a real boom, the average prices of yachts purchased in the country are hundreds of thousands of Euros. When planning to buy a yacht in Bulgaria, you can contact the specialists of our company for help - at 2yachts you will always be able to find an interesting offer that suits your liking.

You can go on a quiet sailing along the Black Sea coast with your family, or take part in a sailing regatta alone. Consider the most beautiful of the beaches in Bulgaria, which you can visit on your sailing trip on a yacht. Note that most of the beaches in Bulgaria are sandy, provided with infrastructure and mostly clean.

Sunny Beach

The beach "Sunny Beach" is the most famous in Bulgaria (in the past - the most prestigious beach for recreation among Soviet citizens), representing 15 km of pure golden sand, blue sea with a gentle entrance to the water and picturesque nature. The beach is regularly awarded the Blue Flag - a sign of good ecology and quality of relaxation. Of course, it is usually very lively here, and the prices are among the highest in Bulgaria (a taxi costs 2 times more than in neighboring resorts, but the cost of travel in public transport is affordable). As for the infrastructure, it concerns mainly the entertainment sector. There are cafes, restaurants and beach bars with Russian-speaking staff, water activities are abundant: jet skiing, water banana rides, parasailing, diving, parachute flights, boat trips. In the central part of the beach there is the Aquapark Action water park, in the northern part there is a large golf course, nightlife is provided by dozens of discos and nightclubs for every taste. Themed events take place at almost every corner.

Nearby is the ancient town of Nessebar (founded by the Thracians before our era), sights of which are of great interest, these include: ancient buildings of the Ottoman period, a wooden mill (a symbol of the city), a fortress the wall of the Early Middle Ages, temples erected in different historical periods, the Archaeological Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, a pirate-themed mini-water park, the Aqua Paradise Water Park (the largest and most spectacular in the country).

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is a fashionable and popular place among young people, also known as "Bulgarian Ibiza", located between Nessebar and Sunny Beach. The name of the beach was given by a nightclub, which has become a place for organizing night discos and parties, musical parties, to which eminent DJs are invited. Throughout the season, connoisseurs of modern club electronic music come here. Along the coastal zone, there are establishments that serve as a resting place for bathers during the day, and at night turn into a noisy party area. There are hotels of various classes, hotels and mansions nearby. You can dine at one of the many eateries and restaurants concentrated on the coast. Vacationers on Cocoa Beach have access to all types of water activities, including boat trips, jet skiing and catamarans.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands beach in Varna is a 3.5 km long strip of coast with clean fine sand, free entrance to the territory, with the possibility of renting umbrellas and sun loungers. This is one of the most party places in Bulgaria, with numerous bars and clubs open at night. At night, the beach strip turns into one continuous open-air disco. Water sports are available to visitors: banana boating, windsurfing, water skiing.

Albena beach

Albena beach is a sandy strip about 5 km long, equipped for a relaxing holiday. The entrance to the water is shallow, the bottom is clean and even. This is one of the best places for families with children in Bulgaria, thanks to its developed infrastructure, beautiful nature and safety for vacationers. As the winds are not too strong here, there are lessons for beginner windsurfers.


40 km south of Bourgas is the Dunes beach, which was named after the sand dunes stretching 4.5 km along the coast in the shape of a semicircle. The sand on the beach is fine and golden, the water in the sea is azure, the entrance to the water is gentle. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag and is well suited for families with children.


Kara-Dere Beach is one of the last untouched corners of nature in Bulgaria and throughout Europe. The beach is located near the town of Byala, famous for its developed winemaking. Since the beach is clean and unique, people care about preserving this pristine nature and try to drown out their selfishness and habits imposed by civilization so as not to disturb the harmony of this place. This beach is worth rent a yacht in Bulgaria and visit it, here you will find crystal clean air, clear water, golden sand and picturesque cliffs. Unlike many other beaches in Bulgaria, Kara-Dera does not even have the rudiments of any kind of infrastructure, only untouched nature and this is the main advantage of this beach. Even wild animals and birds can be found here.

Butamyata (Sinemorets)

Butamyata Beach is located in the southernmost resort of Sinemorets in Bulgaria. It is a neat piece of coastline with yellowish sand, with a small forest nearby, clean and surrounded by beautiful cliffs. The beach offers beach equipment rentals and various types of water activities. Butamyata is located in a bay that is well protected from the wind, but small waves are still present here, which is convenient for surfing beginners of this sport.

Beach in Shkorpilovets

The beach in Shkorpilovtsi is the longest beach in Bulgaria, its length is 13 km. Vacationers here will find everything they need to relaxation and unity with nature - clean air and soft sand, unspoiled nature and picturesque hills on both sides of the beaches. There are also hotels for those who wish to relax in comfort.

Ustieto Beach

The beach "Ustieto" is located near the town of Sinemorets, at the mouth of the mountain river Veleka. The beach is attractive, first of all, for its virgin nature, the uniqueness of the landscape and the surrounding sands of the Strandja Mountains. On this secluded beach it is always quiet and calm, however, due to the sharp drops in depth, it is not recommended to go here with children to relax.

St. Constantine and Helena Beach

The beach of St. Constantine and Helena is located just a few kilometers from Varna and is perfectly suited for a measured and relaxing holiday. Tourists are attracted here by the abundance of greenery, as well as medicinal thermal springs, which together form a unique microclimate. The water here is saturated with valuable minerals that help restore health (iodine, boron, calcium and magnesium ions). The beach is rich in picturesque landscapes, the coastal strip is cut by small bays and coves, and green hills descend directly to the sea.

Note that in Bulgaria there are also many beaches for nudists, they are just more remote and it takes longer to get to them - either walk along the embankment or take public transport. Nudists are kind to those who decide to come to such a beach in a swimsuit, so you can relax as you like.