TOP-5 regions for yachting in May
Denis Korablev
  • 02.03.2021
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TOP-5 regions for yachting in May

Spring, in particular the period from May to June, is almost an ideal time to spend your vacation on chartered yacht ... For those in the northern hemisphere, there is nothing better than heading out to hot tropical countries after the cold winter months to sail amid exotic landscapes and plan outings in uncharted terrain. Indeed, in most regions with a tropical climate at this time, a welcoming warm sun always shines, and the sea is clean and calm.

Since a successful trip is based on correct preparation, you need to start by examining the available offers and detailed planning of the upcoming trip.

Croatia is the leading yachting center on the Adriatic

Croatia is the leader in Europe in terms of popularity among yachtsmen keen on sailing races. Both beginners and professional yachtsmen go to this country with pleasure, because everyone can find a place to their liking in Croatia.

A relatively small country has everything for recreation: developed yachting infrastructure, a large coastline with cozy and beautiful coves, grottoes and quiet lagoons. In addition, there are many picturesque islands along the coast, making it easy to find an interesting route between them.

An additional advantage of Croatia is diving, which can be done with both your own and rented equipment.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is comfortably located in the South Pacific Ocean on a friendly group of islets and archipelagos. On a small territory there are more than a hundred islands of various sizes, which together form the Tuamotu archipelagos, the Gambier and Tubuai Islands, the Marquesas Islands, and the Society Islands.

Tahiti is an island known among the majority of yachtsmen in the world, deservedly has the status of a sailing center in French Polynesia. Those who want to spend time actively, but without interruption from service, service and entertainment, come here for vacation.

For those who want to see each other in an atmosphere of freedom and romance, I would recommend the Tuamotu Islands, which include more than 70 beautiful atolls, formed as a result of the growth of corals. If you feel like Robinson Crusoe in your heart, then you will like another interesting place - the Marquesas Islands, where the absence of atolls is compensated by a large selection and a variety of cozy and picturesque bays.

Greece - in the footsteps of the inhabitants of ancient Hellas

Greece is famous for its islands with picturesque nature far beyond Europe, especially among yachting lovers, resorts on the Aegean coast are popular. Here the yachtsman is given complete freedom to choose a route, planning the passage time and complexity, depending on the level of training.

The island regions of the Cyclades represent an almost ideal location for safe and interesting sailing trips in May. This is justified by the fact that the majority of tourists from Europe prefer to rest here in July-August, when the time for holidays begins. Therefore, if it is important for you to get a charge of vivacity and energy in a calm seclusion with a blooming Mediterranean nature, then you should choose this particular area.

Of course, it is worth mentioning the island of Rhodes, where you can see and visit the oldest architectural monuments. Well, how is it possible in Greece not to visit Ithaca - the homeland of the legendary Odysseus. And in the vicinity of Athens, the bays of Saronicos and Argolicos are of great interest for yachting.

Temperamental Spain

Yachtsmen go to Spain to get new sensations from the combination of hot climate and well-developed yacht service. Resorts in Spain are equally popular both among owners of their own yachts and those who prefer to rent a boat. The choice of offers for yacht rental is truly huge, so you can always choose a yacht that suits your preferences and mood.

Certainly, world famous resorts are in the lead in terms of service level: Ibiza, Menorca, Balearic and Palma de Mallorca. Depending on the length of stay at sea, the choice of the route of travel through the water area of the country of contrasts and love varies.

If you have at least a week in stock, then you can choose Ibiza, Formentiere and Mallorca as intermediate points in the trip, while simultaneously sunbathing on the most beautiful sandy beaches. In addition, there are all conditions for kitesurfing and surfing, and those who are really addicted to extreme skiing in the sea can be offered the service of organizing small trips in the open ocean.

French Riviera

The French Riviera is an attractive place for celebrations, corporate meetings, weddings, weddings, honeymoons and other important events that, undoubtedly, must take place in the life of a yachtsman. Walking slowly along the islands and looking into the bay, it is worth taking time for a sortie in Saint-Tropez and Grimaud.

During the formation of the French Republic, impassable swamps were located on the site of presentable streets, and it is definitely worth seeing such a large-scale reorganization of the area. South of Nice, there are the Lerins Islands with many cultural and historical sights worth visiting just because this island is the birthplace of Napoleon. Naturally, do not think that you will be able to organize a secluded walk under the warm sun along the Cote d'Azur, since this yachting destination is one of the busiest in the world.

May is the perfect time to organize swims in the local bays, as there are still few sailing enthusiasts here and the weather is cool with a cool breeze.


The Caribbean islands, with its picturesque landscapes, became the backdrop for the filming of the popular film "Pirates of the Caribbean", and the Caribbean is also known as the birthplace of the magnificent liqueur of Curacao. However, it was not these facts that made these islands popular among yachtsmen. The main attraction of the Caribbean for yachtsmen is its uninhabited beaches, unique flora and fauna, as well as the open sea. Yachting fans from all over the world flock here to charter a boat or sail their own yacht towards the islands. Be sure to apply for a visa before going to the Caribbean - this is one of the main requirements for foreigners.

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