Virtual reality: the best sailing simulators
Denis Korablev
  • 06.10.2020
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Virtual reality: the best sailing simulators

On the modern computer games market there is a huge number of different simulators - for life, work and leisure. The yachting industry was no exception - today a large number of high-quality sailing simulators are available for everyone.

Most yachtsmen are controversial about the properties of yacht steering simulators - some consider it a waste of time, others are convinced that modeling realistic images of situations on a computer is a great practice for beginner yachtsmen. Of course, it would be stupid to consider yourself an experienced skipper after passing 2-3 virtual routes on the simulator, but why not apply modern technologies to develop skills and practice the theoretical knowledge gained in the learning process?

Our specialists 2yachts have selected yachting simulators that are best suited for these purposes.

Virtual Skipper

Virtual Skipper is considered to be the best nautical simulator and gives you the opportunity to participate in exciting sea regattas while aboard one of the first class yachts. During the existence of the simulator, several versions have already been released that can be installed on a computer.

To install the game, just upload the file to your computer and go through the installation procedure, the process of which is almost completely automatic. In the game, even the smallest wind strips on the water, gusts of wind flying nearby, etc. are well drawn by the developers. And the images of neighboring yachts are very accurate, although they look rather sketchy. Players can choose from 3 types of yachts, 4 options for real-life water areas and one of 3 difficulty levels. You can also choose the number of competitors in the virtual regatta, give your yacht a name, select a country and make other settings.

The gameplay is designed in such a way that the participants must adhere to the rules for holding such competitions, and any violation of the rules is punished in the form of a 360-degree turn. Virtual rivals in the game behave very aggressively, and at the same time they practically do not make mistakes. Therefore, the game is exciting, over time you get used to even a very unusual interface, when the captain sees the yacht from the sidelines. The developers tried to make the waves and the whole environment as close as possible to real conditions, which is why Virtual Skipper is so popular among sailing fans.


Sailaway simulator was developed by OrbCreation and is one of the best sailing travel simulators today. The game offers such modes as: "for several players" and "multiplayer", and beginners can be trained in a training mode.

You won't be able to download the simulator game for free, since the game is distributed for a one-time purchase. Players in the simulator will have to walk on a ship across the seas and oceans, while observing the changing weather conditions, winds and currents. The game is synchronized with the current forecasts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the ship continues to sail even when the player is offline, and emails are sent to the email address about the change in weather conditions. You can set the course and turn on the autopilot, and the yacht will continue to move, but you should not leave control for a long time, because the ship can get into a storm.

In this game, everything is done extremely realistically, and even in the night sky, the stars will be visible, the players will have magnificent horizons, and the controls will be difficult to distinguish from the real. At Sailaway, you can adjust the sails, pitch and everything a professional yachtsman needs to be able to do. With this simulator, you will be able to go through the sailing regatta as if it actually happened.

Virtual regatta

Virtual regatta simulator was created for those who are interested in participating in virtual sailing competitions and, in fact, is an online game. Players can choose from a variety of sailing catamarans, playing for one of the selected countries. Before the regatta, you can undergo yachting training at the sailing school, and you do not have to think about the actions of each of the crew members or set up the sails, you just need to take into account the direction of the wind, follow the evolving situation and actions opponents, as well as bend around signs at a distance.

Before starting the game, you can name your yacht and equip it as you wish, then start a virtual yacht race at the same time with athletes in any part of the world. To build a strategy, you can use real weather forecasts, depending on this, changing the direction of movement. You can also follow your yacht from your smartphone or tablet, track the position of your opponents and plan a course change. Today, the sailing community Virtual regatta already has more than 1 million active members, and the best skippers in the world speak well of this yachting simulator.

To start playing, just go to the simulator's website from a laptop or any other device, where you can immediately enter the game and read instructions on how to use it and compete with other players around the world. To play with your friends, squads, clients or other groups, you will need to sign up for a VIP pass. To purchase a VIP pass (valid for 3, 6 or 12 months), you will need to create a profile on the official Virtual regatta website and select a subscription in the game store, and then pay for it.

Sail Simulator

Sail Simulator is an extremely realistic simulator perfect for training or for off-season training. With Sail Simulator you can participate in sailing regattas without leaving your home. The features of the simulator include simplicity and flexibility of the interface, fairly realistic aerodynamics, well-rendered sea surface and a stable multiplayer server for long-distance regattas. In this game, you can choose the type of yacht you want, choose options and sailing region for it. In the settings, you can set the weather parameters, including the strength of the wind and the height of the waves.

Also worth noting is the excellent graphics and high-quality soundtrack of sailing trips. And with the crew on board, the game can be even more impressive.

VR Regatta

VR Regatta simulator from developer MarineVerse allows skippers to immerse themselves in the virtual reality of yachting, discovering a spectacular sailing experience on the high seas. You can cruise from sunrise to sunset, competing in challenges, racing for extra bonuses, or simply enjoying a relaxing sail.

With VR Regatta, you can join the global sailing community for a small fee. Thanks to the hard work of developers, the game is endowed with vivid graphics with the scenery of the Akalan Islands in the Caribbean Sea, high-quality sound and well-drawn details of a real sailing vessel. Players can enjoy completely realistic virtual reality. The game has 3 difficulty modes.

Today sailing simulators can become a good simulator for inexperienced yachtsmen who still find it difficult to understand the structure of the yacht, as well as the difficulties of navigation, sail setting and crew management. With the help of the simulator, it becomes possible to learn more about regattas, feel like a skipper, at least on a computer monitor. In addition, with the help of simulators, you practice English and can easily memorize many nautical terms. At the same time, you need to understand that it is difficult to replace the control of a real vessel with the help of computer programs.

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