Yachting in Alaska: glaciers, killer whales and polar birds
Denis Korablev
  • 21.05.2020
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Yachting in Alaska: glaciers, killer whales and polar birds

Alaska is a sparsely populated state with spectacular landscapes, impressive glaciers and mountains, stunning lakes, and an unrivaled wealth of northern wildlife. With spectacular fjords and glaciers, Alaska is considered to be a elite yachting destination where everyone can enjoy panoramic views of unspoiled nature in a way that only a select few can enjoy, making the area one of the most popular US yacht charter. Even today, Alaska remains wild, inaccessible and diverse.

Mountains grow straight from the ocean, the weather is unpredictable, and the few roads are not enough to survey the area and they are often difficult to pass. Alaska is a remote world with a dynamic ecosystem in which nature has been able to remain intact. While traveling along the coast of Alaska, you will receive incomparable impressions - visit national parks, observe the life of the largest representatives of the northern fauna - humpback whales, as well as see bald eagles, taiga bears, elks and other wild animals. The range of activities that can be offered here is huge, and includes rafting, skiing, picnics on the top of the glacier and helicopter rides.

Traveling along the coast of Alaska will bring you stunning impressions of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, from watching brown bears and hunting salmon - the land of white nights in summer is able to surprise and amaze even a seasoned yachtsman. Note that the length of the coastline of Alaska is 33,000 miles, and a few weeks of yacht charter may not be enough to get acquainted with the sights of the region.

If you have a desire to survey the area, one type of transport is clearly not enough for you. Discovering the region's hidden gems will require a car, bike, boats and chartered planes. You can take a sightseeing flight over the glaciers, plan routes to visit lakes and other attractions by boat, which can be taken to the site by car. Traveling in Alaska by car, you can feel true freedom - from the road it is easier to find descents to the water for exploring lakes and rivers, as well as camping points on the peaks, you can choose the place and time to stop by yourself.

When traveling on a yacht, one should be more afraid not of icebergs (the water temperature even near glaciers is 16-18 degrees and ice floes falling into the water quickly melt), but logs - they are carried into the ocean from the mouths of numerous rivers. There is no shortage of anchorages along the coast, and the depths are quite suitable - 10-15 meters. What you need to remember is the ebb and flow - the water walks 7-8 meters, so some places can only be passed in high water. The ideal time to visit Alaska is from mid-July to mid-August, when the weather is hot and quiet. Despite the fact that there are no marinas, as such, there should not be any difficulties with refueling and food - all this is available with an interval of a maximum of two days.


Katmai National Park occupies an area along the coast of the Shelikhov Strait, the Aleutian Strait and part of the territory north of Lake Nanek. There is an active volcano with a height of more than 2000 km and a diameter of 10 km - the highest mountain in North America, which is a unique natural environment for local animals and birds. In Alaska, you must see the legendary elk, and on the swim - watch the blue glaciers , which have turned into a permanent home for seals, humpback whales, killer whales and arctic bears. On a yacht, you can come close to waterfalls with clear water and icebergs where seals lie, trying to catch the warm rays of the mean northern sun. There are a great many waterfalls in Alaska, and some of them are up to 400 m high, some are thin, and some are full and abounding, and you cannot find any similar among them.


Juneau has been the capital of Alaska since 1906, and to understand what attracts tourists here, you should visit this city. During the day, you can watch humpback whales and bald eagles, sample local cuisine in one of the restaurants, watch entertaining shows in the city center, and end the day with a beer tasting in one of the pubs. Most of the events are planned by hospitable locals who can give you advice on what else to see in this modest and flower-filled town. Traditionally for the American hinterland, the city is equipped with everything necessary for tourists: information signs, clean and warm toilets, numbered and marked on maps paths and signs warning not to litter, break trees, trample or bother bears.

Cape Barrow

Barrow is known as the northernmost point of the states, plus it is home to the largest Eskimo community in the world. Barrow has been in the status of a city since the middle of the last century and thanks to the established air connection with Anchorage and Fairbanks, today it is easily accessible for tourists. The economy of these places is based mainly on the production of gas and oil, the reserves of which are enormous.

Tourism also brings a considerable part of budget revenues, thanks to the constant flow of tourists who want to enjoy the rays of the polar sun during the short summer. If peace and solitude are your thing, you should definitely love Barrow, a secluded town sheltered from crowds of tourists in snow-covered areas with vibrant and unique landscapes.


The small coastal town of Sitka is a welcoming and welcoming place surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Until 1867, Sitka was the center of Russian America and was called Novo-Arkhangelsk, and here you can still find objects and preserved structures of those times. The local museum presents 2 centuries of the region's multinational history.


Skagway is a historically significant city in Alaska, at the turn of the last century was at the peak of fame, because a huge number of gold miners passed through it. The picturesque and extraordinary city has many interesting places to visit - buildings with original architecture and museums. At the main city museum, you can visit an exhibition of boats, sculptures and unique artifacts, as well as play themed games, the main theme of which is the "gold rush". Here you can visit the National Historical Park, which preserves the monuments of the history of the Klondike Gold Rush. In summer, you can ride bicycles and horses in the park, watch local birds, go fishing or hunt.

Alaska is a huge and unique region, where you can find a lot of interesting and informative things. During your boat trip, admire the majesty of the snow-capped mountains, the ice drift on the mighty rivers, the richness of the local fauna and return home filled with deep and positive impressions.

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