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The island of Milos is recognized by the Greeks as the pearl of the Aegean Sea. But not only residents of the country highly value this city, and tourists who have been here are enthusiastic about this resort. Many people know about this corner of Greece, because it is here that a unique statue of the goddess Venus of Milos was found, which is today exhibited as an exhibit in the Louvre.

Yacht charter in Milos is a great opportunity to sail the vast expanses of the Mediterranean Sea and get an unforgettable experience of contemplating natural beauty, sightseeing, tasting local cuisine and shopping in the shops of the city.

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Our company is one of the first in the organization of yacht rental in Milos. Our experience in this area is over 10 years.

Milos is one of the most beloved islands for a beach holiday and exciting trips. Charter tourists with special trepidation relate to these places.

People come here to enjoy the remains of an exciting centuries-old history and incredible landscapes. The charter possibilities of Greece are truly endless

The waters of the sea are washed by a huge number of islands, united in peculiar clusters. The southernmost point of the Aegean is Crete. Each group of islands is characterized by individual characteristics, charm and impressive landscapes.

Tourists come to Milos to:

  • touch the rich cultural heritage;
  • enjoy the magnificent scenery;
  • taste delicious local cuisine;
  • hide from the usual bustle of the metropolis and immerse yourself in self-contemplation.

Greece and its constituent islands open endless expanses for exciting sea cruises. The country is famous for its limited number of berths, but this does not make boat trips less popular.

Weather and climate features in Milos

From July to August, strong winds are observed in the Cyclades. This feature can be used to your advantage. Strong winds will help you quickly move between the Greek islands with maximum fuel economy. Air in strong winds does not seem so hot, so passengers on the yacht will feel quite comfortable.

Boat trips on the Greek waters have important features. In addition to free parking, here you can note excellent wine, excellent and varied food, as well as the friendly attitude of local residents to Russian tourists. The starting cost of renting a private sailing yacht pleasantly surprises vacationers . There is no charge for parking at the port. There are no additional transit taxes and fees, unlike other countries.

To qualify for free parking in the Greek port, you must select a yacht flying the Greek flag. Tourists have practically no problems with this, since most Greek charter yachts already sail under the national flag.

If you make a stop in the Greek port, you will get the opportunity to use electricity and water. You do not pay additional fees and do not waste time preparing an impressive set of documentation. When you stop, you have a great opportunity to enjoy delicious food . The best chefs work in the restaurants of the island. In Milos, every restaurant serves delicious food, and the cost of dinner will pleasantly surprise you.

Milos is interesting for its geological diversity: bizarre rock formations, hot springs, good beaches and stunning views. This is a magical place to rent yachts , which attracts and attracts more than a million visitors a year.

Here you will be offered many wonders and sporting events. There are more beaches here than on other islands. But Milos has no reason to please tourists - tourists themselves, having seen such beauty, always linger here for a long time.

This is a amazing natural harbor formed in ancient times .

The island of Milos is recognized by the spoiled natural beauties of the Greeks as the pearl of the Aegean Sea. Residents of the country and tourists with enthusiasm will sincerely tell you about this resort. Many people know about this corner of Greece, because it is here that a unique statue of the goddess Venus of Milos was found, which today is exhibited in the Louvre.

How to get there?

Milos Island is located at a distance of 160 km from the large port of Piraeus. Sea traffic does not stop even in winter . You can get from Athens to Milos by ferry; several companies provide services at once. The journey takes about 5 hours.

There is an airport in Milos, which always takes flights from Athens all year round, and in the warm season charter flights arrive here.