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Charter a jet ski will be an excellent option for active recreation, because there is nothing better than cutting through the waves, feeling the strength of the wind and the speed that raises the adrenaline level to the maximum.

Yamaha VX
Trogir, Croatia
  • 3 Guests
  • 2020 Production
  • 3.35 m Length
  • This charter offers free rescheduling in the event of mandatory COVID-19 related travel restrictions, preventing you from arriving in your destination country.
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Due to the simplicity of control, power and unique design, this type of water transport has gained popularity all over the world. A unique feeling of freedom, drive, exciting stunts - fans of outdoor activities will definitely appreciate the jet ski.

A popular type of jet ski are aquabikes, which are controlled in the "standing" position. Such transport allows you not only to spend time in an unusual and interesting way, but also to work on your physical form, because during skiing, the muscles of the back, legs, arms are involved.

Standard "sit-down" jet skis are suitable for those who value not only speed and extreme, but also comfort. You can ride them on any body of water - from lakes and rivers to the ocean and the sea. The main advantage of such models is the most simple and intuitive control.

Jet skis provide for a double seat. By charter several aquabikes at once, you will be able to ride with a large company or with the whole family, arranging fun competitions. In addition, charter such a water transport will be a wonderful and unique element of a party, birthday, graduation, or simply help to organize an unusual weekend.

To get the most vivid experience, you can order a jet ski charter with an instructor who will take care of your safety. If it is necessary to master this type of transport, a professional will take a passenger seat and will prompt the order of actions.

Jet ski charter is an opportunity to experience unforgettable emotions. Some models can reach speeds of up to 100-150 km / h, so an adrenaline rush, indescribable delight, as well as pleasant memories for a long time are guaranteed. In addition, the special hull design and other technological solutions guarantee not only an extreme adventure on the water, but also safety.