The brand name Fairline is associated with the centuries-old traditions of English shipbuilding and the latest innovative engineering solutions. Its history began in 1967 in England, when Jack Newington purchased an abandoned site in Ondle and organized a shipyard. In the early years of its existence, it produced small vessels with fiberglass hulls, and in the early 70s of the last century it became popular thanks to the models Targa and Phantom. Twenty years later, a new model appeared - Squadron.

But since 2007, the shipyard became unprofitable, and began to revive only in 2011, when the Royal Bank of Scotland and the investment fund Better Capital acquired the block of shares. A total of £ 2,800,000 was invested in Fairline, which allowed to take it to new frontiers.

The brand name becomes more famous when in 2016 Fairline brings together the Dutch architectural bureau Vripack and Italian designer Alberto Mancini. By the 50th anniversary of the company in 2017, the Targa 63 GTO is produced, embodying the elegance of Italian design. Fairline is now a worldwide recognized brand with locations in 60 countries. It is represented by three families of cruise yachts:

  • Targa - motor yachts, 13-20 meters long with a hardtop and a closed cabin;
  • Squadron - flybridge yachts, 15.5-21 meters long;
  • F-Line - a 10-meter-long designer yacht launched in 2017.

The main site of the shipyard is located in Ondle, but in 2017 another site was purchased in Southampton. All elements of the buildings are developed at the production sites of the company. Recently, Fairline pays great attention to the standardization of yachts, which allowed to create up to seven models on one assembly line. But at the same time, each model confirms the name of the brand with world fame. The dealer network of the company spread across Europe, Asia, North and South America. The company produces 300 vessels annually, and over the entire history of the shipyard, more than 12,000 of them were produced. Yachts are highly rated and differ:

  • a pointed nose combined with a perfectly shaped flybridge (called Olesinski hulls, named after their creator Bernard Olesinski)
  • safety (each model is provided with handrails, there are no sharp corners in the interior).

Yachts have repeatedly won prizes at world yacht festivals, and the Fairline brand name is always associated with impeccable design, perfectly thought out technical solutions, luxury and exclusivity.

Yacht models


new from $ 353 150
new from $ 366 831


new from $ 699 560
new from $ 788 521
new from $ 775 042
new from $ 1 050 014
new from $ 1 482 690
new from $ 2 089 245
new from $ 2 166 075


new from $ 842 437
new from $ 2 284 690

Discontinued production models

Length 11.07 m2 Cabins7 Passengers1991 - 2006
Length 12.13 m2 Cabins8 Passengers2011 - 2014
Length 12.52 m2 Cabins5 Passengers2011 - 2014
Length 12.94 m2 Cabins5 Passengers1997 - 2015
Length 13.74 m2 Cabins12 Passengers1999 - 2005
Length 13.90 m2 Cabins4 Passengers2017 - 2019
Length 14.72 m3 Cabins7 Passengers1997 - 2014
Length 15.25 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2006 - 2014
Length 15.79 m3 Cabins12 Passengers2007 - 2014
Length 16.22 m3 Cabins8 Passengers2004 - 2009
Length 16.87 m3 Cabins8 Passengers2010 - 2014
Length 17.60 m4 Cabins12 Passengers1994 - 1999
Length 17.92 m3 Cabins6 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 18.88 m3 Cabins6 Passengers2004 - 2007
Length 20.41 m5 Cabins9 Passengers1992 - 2015
Length 22.69 m4 Cabins18 Passengers2002 - 2007
Length 24.37 m4 Cabins12 Passengers2008 - 2017

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